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    My white hen (hoping) 8 weeks
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    Approx 8 weeks
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    Approx 8 week
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    Same white hen 6 weeks
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    Rooster 8 weeks
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    Age about 8 werkz
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    Easter Egger Chicks

    I got eggs from my neighbor he swears theses are Amercauna's, but everyone here says Easter Eggers.
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    Type of chick with fuzzy wings

    Hi everyone I saw this chick at a local farm store can anyone tell me what kind of Bantam has fuzzy wing like this.
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    Araucana thread anyone?

    Thank you. I guess I will have to let my neighbor who gave me eggs to hatch just what he has. He was told Ameraucana.
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    Araucana thread anyone?

    Texoma area close to Wichita Falls.
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    I wondering about breed and sex of my chicks

    I don't want to hijack this post but i have trouble figuring out where to post questions. Can someone tell me the difference between Turkens & Naked Necks.
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    Araucana thread anyone?

    I don't have any Araucana's I have their close relatives Ameraucana's because I have heard the Araucana's are difficult to hatch with a high death rate in the shell. However I would love to have some if I can find them close to home here in Texas/Okla. Here is some pictures of my Americana...
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    at what age to guineas start breeding??

    Wow guess i was lucky I bought my 1st guineas when they were about a month old. The white one started laying at around 4 months. While my dark gray just started laying. (I was hoping she was a male & just not mature enough). How ever i have 2 younger ones a white and a lavender about 2.5 months...
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    Rhode Island Red & Buff Orpington cross

    These are some of my BO/RIR that i hatched. Most are darker than BO's esp their tail feathers. They were approximately 6-8 weeks.