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    Jubilee Orpingtons?
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    I didn't make it to concord last week. I am looking for 4-6 pullets prefer Orpingtons or Barred Rocks. Osbournes said a guy was there with some but didn't post them on board. Thanks for any info. Dave
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    The Heat!!!!

    Here in NH we have about the same weather. I have a fan in the run and put a white sheet on roof of hen house and run to keep inside cooler. On very hot days I spray the roof with the hose for about 5-10 min its amazing how much it cools the hen house. Plenty of water and frozen veggies...
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    Where to get cheap hardware cloth? I talked with my local true value hardware (I shop there often) The manager (owner) hooked me up with a great deal I told him how much I needed so he ordered it (bulk) so he saved money and so did I...
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    Rainwater good or not ?

    yep GOD made rain to give all water to drink :) Here is my pics of rain barrel for my chickens :)
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    better to buy or build?

    You will prob. modify any pre fab coop you buy. As you read on here you will learn things you need and things you don't. If you are good with tools or know someone that is it will cost way less to build than buy. here is a pic of my coop and run...
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    Dawjs Member Page

    It all Started with a trip to Osborne's Then they grew and grew Then I had to build a coop in 1 day Then I had another sunrise to sunset day to build a run for the coop...
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    Alot of feathers missing around butt area

    Like i said 6 buffs 3 SLW's and only 2 SLW's have bare butts. They are not friendly either my buffs are like cats...the SLW's are just mean and pains in the back side.
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    2 tbs cider vingar in 2 gal water is what the old farmers use every 21days for wormer
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    Alot of feathers missing around butt area

    My buff orphingtons are all great but the SLW's all are missing alot of feathers around butt area down to inbetween their legs. Its down to 20' at night now so I'm worried they just started laying eggs a few weeks ago. I don't know if they are molting or if they are pulling each others...
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    Heat Lamp

    NH here as well. Everyone I know personally here in NH uses a 40 watt bulb that turns on about 4am for light this time of year (more light = more eggs). This can be bad though if you have a noisy roo (not good at 4am lol) . My inlaws lower the roost by 3 inches in front of the window so...
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    First Egg Countdown

    Its funny the pecking order of the chickens seems to have changed a bit since egg laying started. Since a few weeks in the coop they slept in certain areas on the roosts. Since laying now 2 of the lower chickens are now on top roost in the spots where 2 other chickes always were. New Queen...
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    First Egg Countdown

    Quote: Okay, someone is "trying". There were 2 softshell eggs on the "poop board" under the roost. One was a little 'fart' egg and the other was full sized. The full sized one had a hole in one side and the "white" had leaked out, but it doesn't look like any of the hens tried eating it...
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    First Egg Countdown

    One egg Friday afternoon and One egg this morning 6 Buffs and 3 SLW ladies. Both eggs look they usually take days to lay a second egg? All 9 were born on the same day. Kinda like a kid talking you wait and wait then one day they talk and then you wish...well you know. I bet...
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    Amish coops - Are they worth the money???

    I agree, I built mine without any fancy plans I guess you could call it a amish style coop. I might have 500.00 into it max for coop and run. I used some recycled materials also (metal roofing was biggest find for free.) see my BYC page.
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