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    Stopped laying a week before her first year " Hatchday " What's wrong?

    I have a flock of four. Had actually. One died last week of a bee sting. Another stopped laying about a week ago also. She is a dominique. She is not acting broody. She's free-ranging and acting normal except for her not laying. About four weeks ago I started noticing one egg of the...
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    Today's temperature = # of eggs.

    My littlest barred rock in my small flock - born May 14, 2012 - has laid an egg everyday since she started laying AND throughout the winter everyday. She is amazing! It has been really cold for the last 2 to 3 weeks with temps such as 6 degrees at night and 13 in the day. With wind chill temps...
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    What snacks DON'T or chickens like???

    Mine love mealworms at any time. In the summer mine LOVED watermelon and grated cucumber. There are many raspberries in my garden, but none of the girls would eat them. That's okay so there is one crop I don't have to compete with the critters for. I'm hanging a cabbage this winter and they...
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    Perplexing eye problem -- one eye

    In late September I noticed the left conjunctiva on my 4 month old Buckeye swelled. There was a little mucus every day. I separated her from the rest trying to protect the rest, but she wouldn't eat without them so I put her back . Funny thing is that none of the other pullets have had any...
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    Has anyone ordered from mypetchicken?

    I ordered from Meyer this spring. they were my very first chickens. I actually picked them up instead of having them shipped because I couldn't have picked them up from the P.O. during a work day and I didn't want them hanging around for hours in who knows what conditions. Anyway, I'm glad I...
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    Things you never said until you had chickens.......

    I go into the coop once or twice a day to collect poops that are destined for the garden. Being new at this, I am noticing all different sizes and consistencies, so when I find good one I find myself saying, " Now that's a nice poop!" My girls aren't laying yet. Hopefully one day I'll also...
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    Mealworm farming

    They spent the winter in a heated basement, but it was only about in the 60's. They seemed to be doing fine at that point. Then when it warmed up I guess in Feb, or March ( early spring) I brought them up into the kitchen. It's actually somewhat warmer there. They just have regular air temp...
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    Mealworm farming

    Can any of you experienced wormers help? I got my worms in November and did the three drawer thing. Once they started turning into beetles, I noticed many of the beetles had deformed wings. Okay, then in the last couple of months I have noticed that I have tons of beetles and a lot of...
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    Chicken Celeb Look-Alike Thread- WARNING: Graphic Gut Busters!

    Sooooo many good match-ups. I love the Judge Judy look-alike and the Nicholas Cage one especially It's amazing how similar they look ! Even the expressions ! Nice job everyone.
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    Mealworm farming

    I got the worms a few weeks ago and have been watching them ever since. Very relaxing. Also trying to see if they are ok in my set up. THankfully, after a few long weeks, I saw my first beetle!!! But his left wing was deformed. Then the second one had a left wing issue.It looked like a worm...
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    Green gel for chicks?

    Thanks for the information. I think your experience with it helped me decide I will use it. How long did you keep giving it to them. Days? Weeks?
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    Green gel for chicks?

    Planning to get my chicks this spring and am looking at preparing food etc. Just a quick question about this green gel the hatcheries and other catalogue suppliers are selling for their first few days. Anyone know about that ?? I have seen Vital Packs with vitamin and electrolytes and Save...
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    FROZEN WATER - What's the answer?

    The battery warmer is a neat idea. It must work -- you're in Alaska ! And I was wondering about using that heavy gauge wire that they use for underground. Thanks for sharing the idea for making the extension out of that. I'm so glad people are sharing their ideas of dealing with frozen...
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    Best way to feed oyster shell temporarily?

    Hi, I'm new to this, so the question may seem silly..... But here goes. if you use their eggshells do you have to bake them first to kill bacteria and/or to dry them out before giving them back to the hens?
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