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  • DUCK GIRL!!! *HUGS* Its been too long since we've talked! *HUGS* Oh, that's fine :)

    I know, and poor Pickle passed away a couple of weeks ago :( But other then that, all 35 chickens are doing great! :)

    How are you?
    Aww, I'm glad she's better!

    No, sadly, we might have to put Luigi down :( He took a turn for the worse :( :(
    I have no idea But it was about 80* today, so cold weather is gone! :D He is doing better, he can stand up and sit down on his own :)
    Hi Duckgirl! I love AC's! Yeah, I know! But just as I was beginning to love this warm weather the cooler weather set in and its only in the 40s today :( :D

    Thanks! I am hoping he gets better, he can't even stand up. :-(
    Thank you!! *HUGS* talk to ya soon!
    Let's just say my long list had every single breed the feed store had circled, plus half of the ones of the local breeder, and many more as hatching eggs.
    One of every kind I can find until I hit nine ducklings. Welshies, Ancona, Cayuga, Muscovy, Runner, Silver Appleyard, and Australian Spotted are all on the short list.
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