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    So far so good with 2nd hand hens

    Up to 3 eggs for the day. Woo Hoo!
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    So far so good with 2nd hand hens

    He had several breeds all 1.5 to 3.5 years old, although he wasn't sure which ones were older or younger. I tried to grab the younger looking ones... 3 Buff O's, 1 RIR for sure. The others I think are 2 barred rocks & 1 austrolorp. 1 mystery bird, maybe a wyandotte?, (she laid today's light...
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    So far so good with 2nd hand hens

    I've been looking for some laying hens, and finally came across some for sale locally on Craigslist. On Wed I bought 8 hens, hoping at least 5 would be good layers. The owner didn't promise they would lay. He had 40 hens and was only getting 10 eggs or less a day. I figured at $3 each, I...
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    Any guesses?

    The legs are dark, (I would call them black). Bottom of the feet are almost a buff or flesh color, (would that be considered white or yellow?), with the claws the same light color as the bottom of the feet. Chic is from McMurray Hatchery if that helps at all.
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    Any guesses?

    I'm about 90% sure that he's a he. Sure acts like one.
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    Any guesses?

    (My first post with images, so fingers crossed...) This was one of those free rare-breed specials. Any guesses on what breed this is? 9 weeks old. I was hoping for a hen, but you know how that goes.
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    Meat birds or dual purpose??

    This is just my way of doing it... I like to raise dual purpose birds for meat and eggs. I usually start with about 50 chicks in late winter - early spring, and go with straight run birds (or hatch my own). At 20-24 weeks I thin out the flock, keeping about 12-15 nice looking hens and sometimes...
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    Buff Orpington puzzler

    I vote roo too...
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    how much feed?

    I just finished with some cornish X's. I started with 52 birds. Lost 5 in the first 5 weeks. At 9 weeks I took in 47 birds. My total feed used was 1100 lbs of mostly 18-21% broiler feed. This was my first shot with Cornish X's so I can't say if this is typical or even good. But, one thing I...
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    1st Time with Jumbo Cornish X's... Help needed

    Good luck with your Cornish X's. I just finished with my first ever batch of CX's on Monday. Ordered 50, got 52, and ended up hauling 47 to the processor. The 5 I lost were in the first 4-5 weeks and I think it was due in part to the very cool nights we have been having here. I usually raise...
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    Cold weather question

    I agree with CARS. I'm in northern MN, and see weeks below zero. My chickens did better than I do at handling the cold! Keep the drafts out, but still provide fresh air. If the humidity gets too high, you might have problems.
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    my dumb birds

    I usually leave a light on in the coop in the evening, and they go in as it starts getting toward dusk. Sometimes one or two will sit just outside the door, but generally they are in the coop when I go out to close it up for the night.. Maybe I've been lucky and have always had chickens that...
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    sending them out?

    I haul my birds to a local processor. They process the birds for $2.50ea and I've been very happy with them. I get them back shrink wrapped and frozen. You might try an internet search for processors in your area. It took me some asking around to find the people I use, and I still have to...
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    Help....culled rubber roos

    I've heard that older birds should be soaked overnight in buttermilk before cooking. Buttermilk has a higher acid content, and supposed to tenderize the meat. I haven't tried it myself, but it might be worth a shot.
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    How do you get them to forage?

    It seems I spoke too soon... Went out tonight to close up the coop and had about 15 CX's out foraging. At almost 6 weeks old, I guess they just decided it was time to try it out.
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