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    Meyer's Production Pack??????????

    I really wanted to order the production pack for Dec. shipment, but it was not available and there's no indication as to when it will be.
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    What is a good breed combo for a beginner??

    I would get an EasterEgger or two, a Rhode Island Red, and a couple Orpingtons. Enjoy!
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    Wow are you serious!

    Oh those little stinkers! Well, now you're on to them .... We have had occasional problems with the hens trying to hide their eggs and it is aggravating!
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    Oh, I am having the same problem! Apparently our five acres of grassy yard and shaded woods aren't good enough -- they are free ranging across the road for greener pastures. So far, no complaints form the neighbors but I don't want to cause a problem. Wish the silly girls would stay on their own...
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    to get a rooster or not?

    Our rooster is great at protecting our hens -- he chases off cats and warns them of hawks overhead -- and lots of fun to have around.
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    !#*% ! Red Tailed Hawk

    Awww I am sorry! We had a red tailed hawk in our yard just last week. My son scared him off to protect our flock.
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    Best Egg- laying Breeds

    We are planning to add sex links and Leghorns in the spring; our egg laying flock consists primarily of Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds right now. These are great layers but I have heard that nobody beats the leghorn!
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