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    What to feed ducklings?

    What do you feed little ducklings? Is it ok to use a chick starter? What about geese? I have some Embden eggs in the incubator and I want to be ready.
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    Looking for fertilized Sebastopol or Embden eggs!

    Hello all! I have been searching locally with no luck so far. So I have come here in hopes that someone will have fertilized eggs to ship! I am located in Quebec, Canada.
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    Ended Official BYC Contest - NEW BYC MEMBERS - Win a BYC calendar! ENDS 4 APRIL
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    Canadians check in here....

    We are also in Quebec!
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    New to the community...

    Wonderful! Thank you :)
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    New to the community...

    Good day all! I have just acquired eggs for incubating! 12 Easter Eggers, 18 Olive Eggers and 6 duck eggs (unsure of type or if they will hatch...took a chance with those ones!). I am also waiting on Salmon Faverolles and Black Copper Marans. We also have a flock of 23 layers coming to us once...
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