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  • was a pro mother and had no health issues and has not had any sense. She a litter of four two weeks ago, and so far it's the same story (minus me being mad and scared and Raven being unhealthy).
    I wouldn't even talk to my male dog, I was so mad and scared, and I wrongly blamed him. In the end, she had six beautiful and healthy puppies. And they all went to great homes (one was bought by our best friend, and we get to see him all the time). When we listed them, we had a lot of people offer over $100 what we were asking for them. Raven (the mom)
    Hey, I'm sorry a mod is culling your thread. I just wanted to say when my dog first got pregnant, she was under one. I was so scared for her (because I was told every horror story of the mother bleeding to death or losing all the puppies). And my dogs have the same father and their mothers are sisters (so I was told all the horror stories of in-breeding).


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