Feather Hearts

My real name is Alena, and I am 14 years old. I live In the country close to the beautiful beach. I have a flock of much loved critters including:

Button Quail
Rusty-Wild type button quail male
TNT-Ivory button quail female

Chickens (Flock One)
Marielle- Production Red hen
Reggie- Cowardly Rhode Island Red rooster
Misty-Black hen with golden neck feathers and feathered feet
Leafie- Brown hen with gold neck feather
(Adoptive mother to Rock- Young Red sex link pullet)
Jade-Large black hen
Roseleaf- Black Orpington hen
White-O-Large Light Susssex Hen
Flutter-Shy/skittish Light Sussex hen
Darling- Brown hen with black hackle feathers
Silvie-Old Silver Laced Wyandotte hen
Speckles-Ancient Barred Rock hen
Scruffy-Ancient Barred rock hen
Coral- Brown hen with bright orange hackle feathers
Tiffany-Golden laced bantam cross hen with feather feet
Ruby-Rhode Island Red hen
Cackle-Brown feather footed hen

Chickens(Flock Two)
Blondie- Red Sex Link hen
Halfie- Barnelvender cross hen with half a tail

Chickens(Flock Three)
Gary-Silver Duckwing OEGB Rooster
Freckld-(yes Freckld is her actual name) Ginger-red OEGB hen
Raisin Cookie & Milk-Brown and cream OEGB hen
Henrietta- Silver duckwing OEGB hen
Pencillina- Silver duckwing OEGB hen
Porg- White Silkie pullet
Friz-Partrige Silkie pullet
Abominable- White Silkie cockerel

Panda- Pencilled runner cross drake
Squeaky- White duck with black spots
Pocket- Slender Appleyard duck
Indigo(Indie)-Welsh Harlequin duck
JD-Welsh Harlequin duck
Seedo-Black sex link duck with white chest
Nutmeg-Khaki Campbell duck
Maski-Khaki Campbell duck
Holly-Khaki Campbell duck
Bronze- Black splash drake
Fluffy-Brown duck
Cheddar-Orangish duck
One-Eye- One eyed brown duck
Pearla- Old white pekin

That's all folks!
(For now....)
April 24
Northland, New Zealand
Real Name
What’s your main reason for joining our community?
I'd been stalking for a while, but I originally joined in order to socialise with other poultry lovers/enthusiasts.
Artist/Crazy Chicken Girl


4 Precious Poults, 3 Muscovy Ducks, 5 Game Bantams, 4 Silkies, 30 Something Ducks, 13 Quail, 20+ Laying Hens, 2 Baby Chicks, 4 Teenage Chickens(going through their rebel phase) and 2 Cockatiels.(Don't mention the goats, sheep, horses, cows, dogs and cats. Also Alpacas, beautiful alpacas.


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