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  • I'm about to start up, not looking forward to my 8 in the morning classes though. I am very much not a morning person.
    Bwahah, work, isn't it fun? Especially trying to balance it with school?

    Graduation planess.. Hmmm.. Money. I am going to make it. Lots of it.
    Idk yet, my GPA is steller so grad school is looking like a real thing. Trying to decide still, it's hard.
    Ancient ooj... Sounds like something they'd find in a jar buried in a pyramid lol
    I feel old, the weight of the world is upon my now brittle shoulders and I crave hard candy and yelling at the youthful neighborhood whippersnappers!

    But seriously tho, I now see highschoolers as children, its weird... lol

    I know, you and all your epic extracurriculars! Is German club still happening? Is school in session for you right now?
    Yay for pizza!

    Good to hear!
    Crazy, life has been a string of loopty loops lately. School starts up again soon also. And I'm sooo close to graduating, I feel like an old person.

    Anything wonderfully splendiforous going on over there?
    It's a bird... It's a plane... No, no, wait.... it's me......
    I see Dominos on your list of stock-y like numbers and names, tell me its the pizza company. lol
    Sup Joo?
    Exams. E-x-a-m-s.
    Like, I don't remember how to life anymore. Between lit papers and spanish homework, I am starting to cheer on the Zombie apocalypse.

    Sadly not. They've been getting rid of more and more and adding their own "original content"... Which generally sucks.

    A few more weeks! Coming up really soon though, can't wait. Scuba-ing, fishies and tacky souvenirs. And probably a ton of mosquitoes.
    No skydiving yet. I am saving that for my... Later years, lol.
    Hehe. Where I am we have a river and a few ponds. And a bog. I have to drive quite the distance to reach either beach or mountain.

    Especially when the episode is a two-parter. Torture. Urgh. I started Under the Dome! I really wanna find somewhere that has the rest of episodes. (Netflix, sadly, is not endless) Hulu has some, I think.

    I am just a vast pool of talent. Talent that is afraid of bungee jumping. And skydiving. And skiing, although I hope to conquer that fear.

    I am a decent rower, but not exactly pro or anything. I went on a canoe trip down one of our local rivers with professionals. Neeeooope. But there were a bunch of us slow people, so I didn't feel too bad. lol We stopped every now and then on sandbanks. (Lots of water Moccasins though, they are not fun and they can be pretty mean.)
    I remember you talking about that. None of the clubs around here do that. lol

    I only watch it on the rare occasion, however, on those rare occasions I tend to binge an entire series.... Hehehe. It's a good place to watch tv series, I can never seem to keep up with them while they are on tv.
    (And I hate to wait a week between each episode!)
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