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    1. Gerbil
      It can get crazy. Literally. Sometimes one side or the other gets a little over zealous and BOOM. There have been a few fights here and there too.

      How about as a bungee-jumping, alligator wrestler?
      (I do neither for I am terrified of both, but still. Nifty image)
      Yes, kayaking I do. And canoeing. I am a water person, well, up until the swimming part. I can swim, I just don't like swimming in lakes and stuff. Or public pools. *Shivers*
      I used to have a friend here that lived on a nice sized lake, it was the most awesome place to canoe. They moved this spring, sadly. (Although they live next to the beach now, so free place to crash when I go down there)
      You canoe/kayak ever?
    2. Gerbil
      Signature event?

      The weather is cooling down here. It's drizzly and chilly outside. I have been binging Netflix in between bouts of spanish homework.

      The biggest one I am in is not quite a club, it's a college wide thing. The school splits into two opposing teams. (And there are "families" within each team, it's a little crazy!) There's a big showdown in the spring, both sides write and produce a show. Plus a whole bunch of sporting events. Throughout the year there are dozens of little gatherings, we sign up to work in different parts of it.
      Kayak club, my brother's in a history club.
    3. Gerbil
      It really, really is. I had to take my dad's ancient Honda. No air conditioning, the ever looming threat of a stall out. But the windows work sometimes.

      Exhaustion can smell work. As soon as work draws near, it pounces. Or slowly crawls. Either way, it's there. Oh, and will. Soooooo much fun.

      *Motions for continuing applause*
      I know, right? I have joined a couple of things here, and have also realized just how lazy I am. I really did not figure in the energy drain of being a member of something. And having to do things.. that people expect me to do. Like, on a regular basis.

      So how is German club going? Still as awesomesauce?
    4. Gerbil
      Well, I hope you enjoy your holidays thoroughly then! We don't have any for a long time now. There was a little school one next week, but one of my teachers decided we have too much material to cover so class is still in. lol

      It's awesome to have friends in the same classes, if only for mutual wailing purposes. :P I have actually been pretty social this semester, more so than last. I was a bit of a shut in, lol. (I had a really heavy schedule, a lot of work and no sleep, not friend making material exactly.) I deserve a medal this semester. We both do.

      Yeah, barring this week, things have evened out. Mostly. Any time I've returned from lengthy breaks it's felt like that. It's crazy! But it fades pretty fast, it's just jarring that first couple of days.

      On the other hand, my car that has repeatedly and without fail broken down on a monthly basis, has given me a break!
    5. Gerbil
      Bwaha, this post looks like the one under it so I didn't see it.

      Nope, haven't gone yet. Still a little ways off, which is fine because it's not a cheap trip and I need to make me some monies first.
      Well, I am drowning in exams at this moment, whats up with you?
    6. Gerbil
      A week and half or so. Not a long trip, but it is going to be interesting. First time really out of the country. (Canada doesn't count, we used to live close enough if you sneezed hard you could reach it..)
    7. Gerbil
      Okay.. you may have a point. They are the other black sheep of the marsupial family.

      Cool, cool. Excellent job on the promotion. Can you speak it well? I've had three semesters of spanish, and, while I can actually read a lot of it and get the gist of a spoken conversation, I can only manage a two year old's the speaking level of it.
      I'm not doing too bad. This is just the second week of my fall semester. I am currently, and awkwardly, adjusting back to the college life. I'm signing up for a service trip to Belize, that's the biggest thing at the moment.
    8. Gerbil
      But you have so many marsupials, they are, like, the least moral-eroding creature to ever walk the earth. (Our opossums here don't count, they are just very large, angry rats with pockets).

      Anyways, what have you been up to? How is university?
    9. Gerbil
      Wat in the name of guacamole... I figured you were abducted by geese or chased into the Australian wilds by a pack of ill-willed chupacabras, never to be heard from again.
    10. crazyaboutchickens
      Last Online: on 12/12/14 Now that's worrying. :/
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