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    What type of wire should I use on the top of my run?

    I have a 15x40ft run, with a 1x2" (is it welded wire? The heavy duty stuff?) 6 foot fence. I have 2x4s across the top every 6 feet to support the wire that would enclose the top. I was going to use 2 inch chicken wire on the top because it's light and and the man at the co-op sounded...
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    White Leghorns Or Not??

    Well, I have two, and they do lay some great big white eggs. I don't think they have as much personality as my other girls, if there is such a thing. Also, they are not as friendly as my other girls, but they are not mean. You could definitely handle them if you condition them to be handled...
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    Holiday Greetings

    You can't imagine how hard it is to find an itty bitty hat, and then the complaining! I don't like red! This makes my head look big! Fur is itchy! Seriously, I've really enjoyed hanging out in the guinea forum these past several months, thanks everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...
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    I thought dodo birds were extinct?

    How did you do with the snow? Have they come back at all?
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    Owl Attack!

    Wow, amazing photo! I can't even hold onto one of my guineas like that! I am sorry for your losses and am now thinking about the roll of wire laying on the ground next to my run that is meant to replace the netting . . . , and now the daytime high is 30F. Yikes. Welcome to BYC, by the way!
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    The saddest day so far with chickens

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have not had this experience, thank goodness, but the heads eaten off and no obvious point of entry sounds like the classic work of a weasel or mink. Have a look around for the tiny holes (as small as a half inch -- seriously -- if they can't fit they will work...
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    boy or girl? *updated with video/new sounds*

    Well, the chi-chi-chi is a dead giveaway -- pretty boy!
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    can genius eat peanuts

    Well I love peanuts. but I think the general rule on this forum is don't feed your birds something you would not eat. My guineas often look at me like I'm crazy when I try to share (awesome) table scraps so it may be a non issue for you.
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    do your guineas hiss at you at night?

    Guineas are not dumb. They lack reason, surely, and common sense, but ours have learned to discern between the car to greet and the car to fear, who to follow and from whom to run (follow my kids, my lab and my old cairn -- I swear they act like an squad escort for the old guy -- run from UPS...
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    2010 What Do You Want Added To The BYC Forum & WebSite?

    Sorry if someone said this already, but can we break the guinea forum down into a few subjects -- keets, housing, behavior? (just a suggestion, anything would be great.)
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    Can Guinea Fowl Survive 100% on there own in Ohio?

    Ummmm . . . Sorry, I'm not an expert, but with my limited experience, it's a great idea, but . . . no. Too cold. Unless you want to buy new ones every year.
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    Keets hatching under golden comet hen

    What a good girl! So cute and so happy for you!
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    Help please! soft eggshell, lethargic hen

    She is not prolapsed, thank goodness. I think she WAS just exhausted. The other girls had realized the goo was coming from her and were starting to get a little too personal with her so that's when I took her out of the run. I am really hoping this was a one-off event as I can see how...
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    Hi BYC!

    Well I can't beat THAT fantastic welcome, but welcome from Virginia in any case!
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    He's gorgeous and in what looks like a very cool setting! (the sum of my knowledge on roosters, sorry)
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