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    Attempted murder in Tractor

    The BO accepted all the chicks ( this was her second hatching), I put the one with the bad leg back in the tractor with her and the other chicks last night. So far so good. I just don't know if the chicks leg will get better or not. The chick is moving around, as every time I look in she/he...
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    seperating mother from chick?

    My broody was finished with her chicks at 4 weeks, she walked off and left them. they are doing just fine.
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    Attempted murder in Tractor

    I moved two broody hens and their eggs into my vacant tractor. I figured this way they would not be bothered by the other chickens. The tractor is 5' x 9' and has 3 nest boxes. They settled in with no problems, The BA had 4 eggs and the BO had 5 eggs. The BA hatched out 2 chicks, both yellow...
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    Minorca thread!

    Sounds like my Minorcas....I have 6 , one being a buff. She is half the size of the blacks. But, I got my first white egg a few days ago....very small but perfect shape. They are 21 weeks old. I believe they came from Ideal. If I'm in the coop and they come in all H... breaks loose, they run...
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    how big of a chicken tractor?

    I made a two story tractor, coop up top and run on the bottom. it is 4 x 10 ft. I originally had 8 chicks in it. It got too small fast. Now I use it for a couple of hens now and then. with large wheels it wasn't too hard to move.
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    What is this fluffy stuff?

    I live in North Central Florida and have never seen anything like that. I would get some Oxine and the activator. Mix and soak the ground. google Oxine. It will not hurt the chickens. when used with the activator do not allow them to walk in it until dry....of course right now may not be the...
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    *Update* We got a surprise today! Now I have a few questions

    Don't worry, they will get the idea....lots of times new layers will be taken by surprise and drop an egg almost anywhere. She will figure out the nest box.
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    Minorca thread!

    Thanks John. Also my Minorcas are going over the run fence, its 6 feet high, going up another 2 feet to day. Do you think this is high enough? None of the other chickens (all heavy breeds,,BO,BA,Wyan. silver & gold,) even try, except for the Marans who were/are raised with the Minorcas. They...
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    Minorca thread!

    Hey WYANDOTTE.... I'm New to Minorcas, and could use some info from you.,, here is 1 of 6. He/she is about 15 weeks old. I think that my Minorcas are very slow growing and seem to be small. Also in picture is "big head" my 17 week old Ameraucana. This Minorca is the largest of the six, all seem...
  10. 15 wk old Minorca and 18 wk old Amercanna Roo

    15 wk old Minorca and 18 wk old Amercanna Roo

  11. Black and buff Minorca

    Black and buff Minorca

  12. Here two Minorcas with Maran. same age. 15 wks

    Here two Minorcas with Maran. same age. 15 wks

  13. Here is Minorca and Maran both same age...15 wks.

    Here is Minorca and Maran both same age...15 wks.

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