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    Which sex is better to have two of?

    I'd get two females, because in that case you also get a few eggs a year. Even if you don't use them for crafts or eat them like I do, they make great treats for other animals you may have.
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    Why Can't Chicks Grow Up Naturally?

    I let my hens raise their own chicks when I don't care whether the chicks grow into obnoxious, flighty birds who never let me handle them or get close enough to them to even begin the taming process. When I want nice, tame birds, I raise them myself.
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    What treats do your geese like best?

    Mine love lettuce, apples, bamboo, and carrots, but their absolute favorite treats are roaches (I raise my own) and watermelon.
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    A surprise from the boys!

    Quote: Unless one of my bantam hens has a very sore bottom, there's no way they're anything other than goose eggs!
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    A surprise from the boys!

    They look just like a Embden That's what I suspect.
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    A surprise from the boys!

    I sent pictures of my geese to Ideal, explaining the situation and asking them to help me identify what they had sent me. They sent me back an email telling me that my white feathered, blue eyed geese were, in fact, female Pilgrims. Now, I'm not hopeful enough to expect okay quality birds from a...
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    A surprise from the boys!

    First, a little history: Last year I ordered two female Pilgrim geese from Ideal. I just wanted a couple of geese for pets and some eggs I could blow out and work with, and I ordered Pilgrims so I could be absolutely certain the hatchery wouldn't make a sexing mistake. The geese arrived and I...
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    Area around beak swollen, beak turning black, pictures

    I did get antibiotics from a vet soon after I first posted this, but it must have been too late. Yesterday she started acting lethargic, and she died this morning.
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    Area around beak swollen, beak turning black, pictures

    Quote: The black part is hard, nothing smells off, and it's dry. Since I only caught this recently I don't know how much spreading is going on, and I did notice the yellow spot inside her mouth and thought I had commented on it under the picture, but it looks like I didn't. When googling the...
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    Weird things you find around the house

    Ever wander through a bedroom and get a tingling sensation that something was off in the room, go back to investigate, and see one of your hens standing in your bed? I didn't think much of it. I've been known to bring this particular hen in during particularly cold weather and let her sleep on...
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    Area around beak swollen, beak turning black, pictures

    1) What type of bird , age and weight. Bantam cochin hen, about three years. I have no idea what her weight is, but she feels normal. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her behavior. She eats and drinks normally, her feathers look normal, and she acts like...
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    names of geese in movies??

    Quote: Gertrude was a duck . . . not that that stopped me from naming one of my roosters after her.
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    Lack of respect in young people today

    Next time yell at the dog to shut up and go back to bed.
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    How do you get rid of snakes?

    Quote: Whoot! I call myth! The thing about copperheads is, when they feel threatened they're going to find an exit, and if that exit is towards you they're going for it. A lot of people mistake these attempts at slithering away to safety as "chasing them." Then, of course, their story gets...
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    Worthless pieces of excramental scum!!!

    It is being investigated as such, despite the chuckling. Not that there's much chance of the blockheads being caught without a great deal of luck. The neighbors had their entire massive flock of sheep stolen a few months back. It's looking like it's not the greatest place to live if you raise sheep.
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