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    Hi There! As you can see I love my Chickens, ducks, guineas, geese, and quail. My favorite duck breed is the Silver Appleyard, but a close 2nd is Cayugas and Muscovies (they're just so ugly that they grow on you lol ) For Chicken Breeds I have: Standard B/BL/Splash Cochins, Buff Orpingtons...
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    12+ Easter Egger Eggs (Lavendar Ameraucana rooster in pen!)

    Hi Nancy, I just wanted to let you know quick that out of the eggs that you sent me out of these kind of eggs are all candling with veins Thanks so much for the great packing.
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    12 Ameraucana eggs blue x blue/splash/black / $18.00

    Very Cool. Thanks so much. I can't wait. Now I'll have 4 weeks or so to build another chicken coop. It's still only in the 30's at night and mid 40's during the day so hopefully by the time these guys are ready to go outside it's a little warmer This Wisconsin weather sure is tricky...
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    12+++ Easter Eggers

    Very Pretty Birds. I hope I win I would love to add some EE's to my flock
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    12 d'uccle eggs NPIP (please read body re: state requirements)

    I'll take a dozen if you can PM with Payment Info. My daughters Kindergarten class is going to hatch some quail eggs, but we thought it would be nice if they could do chicken eggs too and see the differences and actually be able to candle them. Thanks
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    12 d'uccle eggs NPIP (please read body re: state requirements)

    How much is Shipping? or is that included in the $20. Thanks
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    Highest Quality Coturnix Quail Eggs-->Taking Spring orders

    We've hatched his eggs and they have a great hatch rate
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    New Chicks for a New Chicken Owner

    Very Cute Congrats!
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    Single Comb Blue Laced Red Wyondottes?

    Thanks a lot that helps, I'll probably get them then
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    Single Comb Blue Laced Red Wyondottes?

    Quote: Could you elaborate more on the fertility thing? I'm kind of confused
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    Single Comb Blue Laced Red Wyondottes?

    I know that wyondottes have rose combs, but we're looking at getting a few from someone and he said that he has 4 rose combs and 4 single combs. He said that it happens sometimes. Before I but them I was just wondering if that was right, it doesn't really seem like it, but then again I haven't...
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