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    Eastern Tennessee Thread

    Does anyone have a Buff Orpington rooster for sale? I live near Knoxville and can't find one close.
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    Help Me Choose My New Vehicle Please!!!

    Find a used Tacoma, they are the best small sized trucks on the road...
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    Hen With Swollen Wattles?

    I pricked the most swollen part and a drop of really dark red blood came out. Does that mean anything?
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    Hen With Swollen Wattles?

    She eats and drinks fine. I hope it's nothing bad. I think I'll ask the vet tomorrow since my rabbit has to go in because of an eye infection.
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    how to cook deer

    Grind it up and make jerky or tacos.
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    Hen With Swollen Wattles?

    I have this Buff Orp hen that has really swollen wattles. I just noticed it yesterday when I was putting her up for the night. They are very wide and tinted blue. The picture doesn't really show how blue it is, but you can tell it is swollen. There has been no changes in feed, ext. But I have...
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    I need some help... :)

    Is there a Tractor Supply within 25 miles or so of you? Chick starter is much better than dog food...
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    I Really Want A Chickie!!!! *cries*

    If they didn't say no they said yes right? If they said yes then why don't you get some birds? Even if you can, I would wait until spring..
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    mean teacher

    I get about 2 hours a night, it's worse some nights though. Taking honors classes makes it pretty bad...
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    where will you be Dec of 2012?

    I'll be doing what I do every day. This isn't the end of the world, and if it was it doesn't matter to me. When God takes me he takes me, doesn't matter when.
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    Had to Give my Quail Away...

    Quote: Thanks Brian, As soon as I thin out the predators and make cages like fort knox I'll get about 24. I needed to cut back anyway, when eggs quit selling and I had to quit working because of school I needed to get rid of them fast. This isn't exactly how I wanted to do it though.
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    Had to Give my Quail Away...

    Quote: I have, but it doesn't help. There is about 100 acres of woods in the area and outside of that is a mall and some resteraunts. Then there are two apartment complexes and a subdevision. I live outside of the subdevision.
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    Had to Give my Quail Away...

    As of now I only own four quail. A few days ago raccoons knocked the door off a cage and all of them but two were killed. I found one a few minutes ago. I've had coons and coyotes come almost every night and the neighbors don't like them at all. So I got rid of the quail and moved the chickens...
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    I Really Want A Chickie!!!! *cries*

    So did your mom say yes or no? If she said yes then go for it, but if she said to wait show her that you can do good in school and be responsible enough to take care of animals. Now is not a good time to get chickens, I would wait until next spring so you don't have any problems with cold weather.
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    Just when you think you've got FB figured out

    The chat sidebar is horrible, I just wish they would change it back...
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