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  • Hey there.
    I like to read old threads in "Games, Jokes, and Fun" a lot, and i just have to say that Wingclan RP is awesome. Everytime I visit the thread I get more inspired to write and such.
    Wooh that's so cool, sounds like you've done well for yourself! But yeah money, something I can't wait for also... myahaha *rubs hands together*

    I have three days start at 9 this semester and I'm already struggling. There's one class I've not yet been on time for lol. Last semester I had the perfect timetable - no days started earlier than 10. I did not appreciate it enough at the time :p
    Ah yes, le school... it's week two of semester 2 here, so just getting back into the swing of things. I seem to have picked up two or three jobs along the way as well lol, most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing at any given time :p

    Do you have any plans for after your graduate? What an exciting time
    Ancient ooj! Look at you all cool and grown up :p Almost ready to be unleashed into society. They'd better watch out for the explosion of epicness that is coming.

    I still have 3 yrs of school lol, but i'm doing a bunch of other stuff on the sidelines. Got mah clubs and tutoring job, and some (extremely boring) research with my heat transfer teacher :p
    It's a... bird-plane!

    Dominos is the pizza company :p it's a very old screenshot, circa early 2015. Dominos is now over $74. Best stock ever

    I've been good, what about yaself, Ooj?
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