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    1. Fierlin1182
      That last word was Tschus. Sorry, my typing gets a bit erratic when I'm trying to be in two places at once. lol.
    2. Fierlin1182
      Aww, poor Ooj. Fallen victim to the terrors of a wayward click. :P Happened to me many a time before, especially since my brain seems to have deserted me for a better where recently, to answer your question about school. Why am I quoting King Lear? Corruption, corruption...

      By the way, I bought lots of things from the train shop in Adelaide. We actually have one. How hysterical. Adelaide is usually the epitome of a lost cause city where you have to fly to Sydney to get anything. lol.
      I got a Hapag-Lloyd container, saw one of those container ships in Hamburg, and also some things I built, I can post a picture later when I don't have to be in class in approximately 20 seconds.

      We don't have poison ivy here. I think I'm pretty glad about that, from the stories I've heard...

      Dang it, I was almost right. 25 seconds. The bell has just gone. I'll type the other half later. Tschu! Bis nachster mal!
    3. miss heny
      miss heny
      GREAT! 2nd in showmanship, 1st in junior Alpine, 1st in senior Lamancha, Grand Champion Senior does! Heading up to Dixie nationals This wedsday,
    4. Fierlin1182
      I got a small train set. It was discounted by 30 euros the day before I left. It was quite a stroke of good luck among my chronic receipt of the bad. :P (lol jk)

      As for digital, all that's different is you select the number of the engine to control it specifically. You can do it for the switches as well. My host father has 48 spaces for switches and more trains than that. o.o
    5. Fierlin1182
      lol, my camera cable is about a metre long when rolled out. Nice USB :P
      By the way, I am typing to you from Singapore. My spelling has reverted to primitive again after a very droll 12-hour flight.

      I've kind of given up on Howrse. I was getting way too into it. :P I might visit occasionally, but seeing as school starts again in three days and I have to take that seriously, I think my howrse glory days are over. lol.

      Glucose was telling us the other day about a time, which I'd forgotten, I had apparently started talking about rocket fuel in the Weihnachtsmarkt and the Germans behind us got very interested. It was hilarious.
    6. miss heny
      miss heny
      We hath sunlight! no rain till the weekend, on the goat show.... crap.
    7. Fierlin1182
      I have no idea what kind of camera it was. I know nothing about cameras. This feeling of inadequacy is further compounded by the fact that I appear to have lost my camera cable... o.-

      Oh no, your poor pass. I would be quite steamed if that happened to me too. I really want to buy a diamond apple horse, but I know I wouldn't use it very often. Most DA horses don't have very high stats. :P
      My unicorn cost 110,000 or thereabouts. It was a female and a few hours old. Guess it was a reasonable price.
    8. Fierlin1182
      The Ballad of the White Horse... I have never heard of that before but it sounds like the kind of thing I would delight in reading purely for the purposes of school. :P

      School here is weird. Schedules are different every day. On Friday we only have four modules but the hells that are Wednesday and Thursday (lol jk) have eight each. :P
      Set up through some organisation, the type that buys ugly group rugby tops. (I have made friends with two other girls, we have nicknames for each other that I find quite amusing. Potassium Nitrate, Phenol, and Glucose. Guess which one I am. heh heh.)

      The trains are in the basement. It is a very large system. Apparently when and if it is finished it will span the whole room and have three levels... can't imagine having that sort of dedication for anything, lol. He has taught me how to drive the trains. It's all digital, and the engines have a code number or whatever. You can do two at once if you get them on the longest bit. :P
    9. Fierlin1182
      (Oh for drilling out loud I've just discovered there's a character limit. lmao.)

      One other Australian is at my school. 46 went in total. They're all off having fun holed up by themselves without someone to pass notes with in class. heh heh

      Oh yeah, my host father has one that puffs steam as well. He built the whole big... rail network thing himself. I wired some switches. I couldn't believe they actually worked, although he did spend a lot of time looking at no. 33 because it kept getting stuck... hahaha....

      They are a very lovely family.
    10. Fierlin1182
      I'm going to attempt to condense this into one again. My computer screen is like the size of a thimble. Makes things rather difficult. :P

      Thanks for the avatar compliment. I didn't take the picture. My host father had the camera. (Which didn't do very good things for his shoulder) But I was there, so I'm going to claim about 1% credit anyway, because they wouldn't have gone to the harbour otherwise. :P

      Nice job on your unicorn. I had three fails. Howrse was trying to pay me back for waiting two weeks for the cheapest female unicorn I've ever seen to appear on the market. lol. The combat against greed, since 2007...

      The average weather in summer is blue skies, yes. In winter it rains as much as any place. They never show that side of Australia in tourist magazines. It gets quite ugly. :P
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