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    Unless you've actually seen your rooster servicing each and every of your hens, it might be difficult to tell "for sure" if the eggs you're trying to hatch out are all fertilized. It might be a bit nasty waiting 21 days to find out it's not and have a rotten egg. Depending on how many chickens...
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    HUGE chicken egg! :D

    About two months ago we bought some pullets that have just recently begun laying eggs in the past several weeks. Several of them have been double yolk eggs and while I think that is neat, I found out that it is not that uncommon for a newly laying chicken to lay double yolk eggs. Out of the...
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    Cornish Chicks Overeating

    Quote: There's an extensive answer to this question right in this same forum at: We're raising some from TSC for now and may look into making our own someday. I know what the original poster means about them eating a lot, what...
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    We got ours at a TC in Baraboo, WI, and we got something they called Cinnamon Queen, which is apparently a hybrid of New Hampshire and Silver Laced Wyandotte. Your orange ones sold as RIR might be that - do they have sort of two cinnamon colored vertical stripes on their backs?