A little about me. My husband and I have 3 daughters, he owns a small landscaping/construction company and I work full time as a bakery manager at Meijer. I love my job, although if I didn’t need the insurance benefits I would stay home and probably get more animals haha! My husband grew up on his grandpas farm so he’s always dreamed of having animals so he always welcomes my new additions with open arms. We have a crazy dog Dallas, a kitten named Luna, 11 Muscovies and 16 chickens. All the Muscovies and Chickens have names but I’ll save some space for now.

We have about 9 acres and hope to add some more animals to it in the future. For now our hands are full.

I’ve browsed Backyard Chickens for awhile now and thought I’d finally join! I’m always eager to learn more about our flocks.
Why do you want to join our community?
New mom of Muscovies and newish mom of Silkies!


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