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    New Chicken Members - Irvington

    Happy St Patrick's Day, and welcome to BYC. What a great surprise birthday gift!! Good luck!!
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    I heard a peep!!

    Oh, that is exciting! I wish you all the best on your first hatch. Keep us informed of the progress..
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    Confessions of a City Slicker

    Awww! How sweet they look! Congratulations on the hatch.
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    New member from Arkansas

    Welcome! I'm glad our SW part of Arkansas skipped (so far) the winter weather today; just cold and windy with a little rain. Good luck with your hens!
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    Confessions of a City Slicker

    How exciting! I've never hatched eggs, so it seems to me you are doing a great job of preparing. Good luck with your new adventure!
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    Hello Everyone- First House First "Flock"

    Welcome from a fellow Arky! Good luck with your new home, poultry adventure and garden, This is a great place to learn with many good people who will help when you have questions.
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    Farm boots- Muck boots, Mudruckers, Cheap boots???

    Well, it's all relative. What seems high to me might not to others. I just don't pay much for footwear of any kind. Or clothes for that matter! haha I'm cheep!
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    Farm boots- Muck boots, Mudruckers, Cheap boots???

    If I remember correctly, I think I paid around $90 for mine a couple of years ago. That's quite a bit for footwear to wear around the farm, or it seemed so at the time. Now I believe it was money well spent.
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    Just signed up

    Welcome to BYC! We have an Australorp roo, and he is a beauty. Are your Australorp hens good layers?
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    Farm boots- Muck boots, Mudruckers, Cheap boots???

    I have had a pair of Muck boots, chore boot style, for the last 2 years. Warm and comfy. They are what I slip on in the mornings as I head out to feed and water. Yes, the price tag was a bit hard to swallow at first, but hubby talked me into getting them, as he'd had a pair for a couple of...
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    Newbie's quick coop

    I think it's pretty impressive with such a short notice! We had a couple of weeks to prepare for our babies and can't say we did as good a job. Ours is still a work in progress, and will be for some time I'm sure, as we live and learn. Good luck with your new adventure!!
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    Going to get chickens

    Welcome. Good luck to you and your fiancée!
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    Chicken newbies

    Could you post pictures of your shipping crate coop when you get time? I would like to see it!
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    Incubating in my bra: An experiment.

    How interesting! I'm following...
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