Gone to the birds!

My love of animals goes way back to when I was a toddler..... My parents moved us from the city when I was 5 to a developing rural suburb....is there such a thing?? LOL. Anyway our development was built on an old dairy farm. Sadly that dairy farm went with the development.....but there were still some smaller farms within walking distance of my home. One farm had chickens and goats, another had dairy and beef cows. The farm life drew me in and I would often visit to help care for and play with the new baby animals at those farms. An especially memorable time was when my scouting and school trips took my classmates and I to Thunder Mountain in NJ. This educational farm afforded us all an opportunity to see more livestock and to participate in their care. And when I say more livestock.... I mean more. Now it was hogs, sheep, horses and bulls!!! Great memories.
Today as an adult...I am getting to realize my dream of being a farm boy!!! LOL..... albeit.... a small farm. We have chickens, a rescue rabbit, a rescue puppy and my holy roller fish tank. Fish tank has Angels and Cardinals .....get it? I named the Angel, Michael, the cardinals are John O'Conner and John Paul ... John Paul eventually became a Pope!
That's my story! What about yours.... :)
Beautiful Jersey Shore Area
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Clark Kent
What’s your main reason for joining our community?
To share and learn information related to my flock of 4! To make new friends with common interests. To learn and share information on backyard chickens.
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