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    Pond Maintance Help!

    There is a lot of good information about invasive lily plants per: GOOGLE. I, personally, would not want to continue the propagation of a plant that has the ability to cause such issues if introduced to another water source. We've had problems with 'duckweed bloom' on our pond in the past...
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    what is a good breed of dog to raise with and guard chickens?

    Just an FYI - the correct spelling is Shih Tzu.
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    Should I have a rooster in my flock

    Roosters have no effect on the eggs, except to fertilize them. That said, you don't NEED a rooster unless you plan to incubate your own eggs. If your hens have started laying, most likely, you would have noticed if any of them are roosters by now. I've been fortunate to have mostly pleasant...
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    Stuff people say

    A good friend used to say every time we had issues getting everything together to get out the door ... "we're off like a herd of turtles" Growing up in PA Dutch country, we always 'redded' up the house (cleaned it). With my children, I used to ask help in 'redding up the house' on Saturday...
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    straight run, really? rant...

    Sorry things have not worked out as you'd hoped. I purchased a lot of 25 day old bantams, straight run, from a hatchery ... TWICE. Since they ONLY sold straight run bantam chicks, I know there was no motivation to even TRY to sex them. The first time I got 60%hens/40%roos, the second time I...
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    Snapping turtle removed from pond - but ducks will not go back in pond

    Have you tried to gently (yet forcefully) herd them into the pond? Whenever my ducks got it into their little heads that the pond was off limits for some stupid reason, we've 'driven' them in ... and while they come right back out initially, it usually restarts them using the pond.
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    Thundershirt what do you know about it

    I have had great success using the thundershirt for my corgi's EXTREME reaction to t-storms. She shook so hard, I was sure she would end up with muscle spasms (the shaking lasted as long as there was ANY trace of a storm) and she could not be consoled. I started using it this spring and, at...
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    Newbie in Parkville, Mo... with some questions?

    Welcome. Yes, chickens can roam quite a distance. Your chickens might visit your neighbors regularly if you let them range unsupervised. They might eat or scratch out your neighbor's garden or flower beds. I'd doubt they'd remain a 'curiosity' for long. As to eggs, yes, if left too long...
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    A few questions about mating

    I'm scared that I'm going to crack an egg, and a baby's gonna come out. How will I know when she's going to lay fertilized eggs? A fertilized egg doesn't 'have a developing chick in it' until the hen has set on it several days. Your new pullets probably won't be broody initially, so they won't...
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    How long at the most can cooked eggs stay in the microwave?

    How long can they stay in the microwave? As long as you leave them in there. Sorry, I'm sure you are asking if they are still good to eat. It would be become dog food or chicken food in my house.
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    inconsistent laying

    Yes, chickens ARE inconsistent, and yes, it does take them a little bit to get an established laying pattern. Then, hens can lay every day, or 5 eggs out of 7 days, or some other pattern. Some go off a few days now and again. It depends on the breed, age, and outside stresses.
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    Free Range Problems

    BOSS - Black oiled sunflower seeds
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    Free Range Problems

    You are right, even with clipped wings, your chickens will probably be able to 'make' a 3ft fence, especially since they KNOW what is on the other side. You could stretch some deer netting across the top to deter that.
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    Horses Do Sleep While Standing

    Horses do like to roll. The difference in a normal roll and a colic roll is, generally, when a horse rises from a normal roll, it will shake off. A colicky horse will appear distressed and look for another spot to roll again and again. I have ten horses, all of them LOVE to roll.,
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