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Chirping, Female, from coop and run first eggs for me ever and first for

I now have twenty chickens two coops. Jun 15, 2018

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Jun 15, 2018
    1. henmama6
      I now have twenty chickens two coops.
    2. henmama6
      I did just make a vest for two hens that are over liked by the roosters. They seem to like them One has actual bald spots on her back and she was very glad to have the vest put on her. I used fleece and did a no sew one for now until I can find the time to make a nicer one. I just cut slits to put over the wings. I think I need to add the wing tips I read about when researching as they have several missing feathers on the wings.
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    3. henmama6
      I am now still getting 3 eggs daily from my 3 Hens and 2 roos. I have built them a run,coop for now that I have put up clear vinyl on the chicken wire to get through the winter with. My roof is framed out but using tarps and canvas until I install a permanent roof. The coop will be built out of cement and sand filled bottles on top of a 3 foot high set of four by fours and using treated plywood with mortice board for floor. That way I can clean with hose regularly wen it is built. I have the base for coop and the bottom is part of their run. So for now they are living in the run and I have built a roost bar and added sides and a bottom to the roost bar that is waist high in the run. I use a red heat lamp and the temp earlier was 45 degrees in the run with a temp of 32 outside. They climb up a set of cement block steps and fly or jump up to the roost area. They love it and can look out the plastic covered side to the outside as they sleep. Seems to be healty birds.
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