Henny peeny

I live in NC and have about 9 chickens or more I have a game rooster with some hens all are Easter eggers, I had another pen with Bantams and a old rooster but he died he was 13 or 15 years old I found him just there it looked like he was eating and just fell over. I have one dog I had 3 but my one had to be put to sleep and my other one had cancer and my husband shot her didn't have the cash to put her to sleep the previous own of my one paid for to put the dog to sleep. I had rabbits that I raised for food but don't any more and I have had goats to and pigs. I have a vast knowledge of animals but more so for dogs I am still learn and foul. I know how to care for and feed animal babies or if any animal can't or will not eat to care for wounds and many other things I am called on by family and neighbors to look at their animals or care for them or see if I know what is wrong with them. My husband calls me Dr. Dolittle. I don't need a vet other for shots and I can't give them in NC
Dec 30, 1959 (Age: 61)
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the other white meat


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