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    New BYC 6 Year Club - Six Year Active Member Award

    Thank you so much for this - I have loved this site and people since the beginning! BYC people have become some of my dearest friends on FB (we rallied and friended each other initially so we'd have more neighbors for FarmTown :D ) It's a great resource, dear people and a common thread we all...
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    Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters

    My Jersey Giant, Marla Hooch slept outside regularly when it was -20... (long story why she wasn't closed in) I'm noodling the idea of installing one of the far infared panels in the henhouse now only because I only have two tiny bantams who don't have a lot of body mass to generate a lot of...
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    Prodigal Member coming home to roost at BYC

    Oh BYC I have missed you! There are tales to tell of working travel to the reaches of the earth... Of course, the common denominator that caught my eye at every stop? Chooks of all shapes, all revered the same - like horses, they are a cultural common. Now it's time to pull the cobwebs off...
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    Highcountrychickenss Page

    After years of working, dreaming and hoping... my tremendously talented love of my life Husband and I bought the house where I grew up here in a beautiful corner of the Rockies. The feeling that I have come home in more ways than I can count here has been punctuated with a garden in the back...
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    What are the rules about shooting predators in your neighbors yard?

    There are a bunch of threads here that list a source for your local and state laws about this... it includes wildlife predators, dogs, etc.. I'll see if I can find them - otherwise, google livestock predator laws (and your state) You can also contact the Game and Fish in your area - they are...
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    Hello Newbie here

    Welcome to the fun! I promise, it's only going to get better... Glad ta meetcha!
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    I very rarely rant but I'm ranting now! PIC ADDED!

    You're a good soul, Chickensioux...
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    "Rooster Booster" in my eye!

    OUCH!!! I had that stuff on my hands... it's brutal! When it wears off, you stop burning, and your sense of humor returns - you'll get a kick out of a post on my page - addresses feather picking and Rooster Booster specifically - I SOOO feel for you
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    Name the New Baby Contest - FINAL WEEK 4 SUBMISSIONS - name list pg 12

    Wow. he has Storm, Cat Bold Ruler, Alydar... like a walk through my history - His Sire "Wise Man's Ferry" (great name) has "Hennessy" - lots of great names in his family How about Crown Royal... or Crown Royal Cat? Lovely colt. Good Luck!
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    Are certain breeds less susceptible to hawk attack?

    Quote: My chickens are Federally protected. Some other brands I shoot include Remington and Winchester. Whatever you brandish, birds of prey are protected under the federal migratory species act. Like them or not, shooting one is a federal offense. It really is ill-advised to recommend this...
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    depressed, picked-on, laying without shell- please help!

    Yes there is - look for an "Avian" vet... there are some that specialize in poultry especially, depending where you live.
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    depressed, picked-on, laying without shell- please help!

    Miss L is right about making sure that she isn't injured or ill - and maybe put her by herself for a while. As for the shells, that happens at first. I wouldn't be alarmed just yet, as long as you see all of the shell in whatever form it takes so you know nothing has broken inside of her. I...
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    What breed of dog is great at killing rats??

    Well, it's a bit of a conundrum, because a dog that is into killing rats is going to be high strung by nature - for instance:Jack Russell Terriers... but not really a consideration for a first time dog owner... they are quite tough, and need an experienced hand to train and live with - a...
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    Single Horse... Solitary Confinement?

    Horses really are herd animals to their core. I have never known of a horse to be happy and thrive while by itself. (when I was a kid I had a sweet young QH who was in a pasture by himself for two months one summer... despite my endless attention, he was so lonesome - he tried to befriend every...
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