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    1. Quail Whale
      Quail Whale
      Hey there, just read a post on pigeons and saw a video about the connection you’ve made with your grandchildren. It really made my day. Hope you and your family have a great one. Thank you.
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      2. Hokum Coco
        Hokum Coco
        Thank you for you kind response. Now my grand daughter will be graduating in a years time and off to college. I have 2 more grand daughters coming up that are 3 and 6 years of age Paige and Hayden respectively.
        Jan 16, 2018
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    2. casportpony
      Merry Christmas!
      1. Hokum Coco
        Hokum Coco
        I keep forgetting this category exist. I see I am 4 years late to acknowledging your Blessing just for the record Christmas 2015 was kind to me I am sure (although I do not remember too many details).
        May 1, 2019
    3. Jewelwing
      Yeah, the same is true for dogs. They are fine in the cold if they're allowed to acclimatize, but if they've been inside dogs and are suddenly put to live outside in the middle of winter, that's when they have problems!
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      2. Hokum Coco
        Hokum Coco
        May 1, 2019
    4. Jewelwing
      Thanks for the Ovation! I appreciate your insight in other posts, too. Good to know about chickens and the cold. I think probably my husband is right when he tells me "They're chickens - they'll be fine!"
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    5. The Bird House
      The Bird House
      Thanks for the Ovation! Yes, I wanted to build the structure/coop. I've built a few things before, but nothing of this size. Maybe a mid life crisis, but I'm building it because I'm able, and learning a lot in the process - simple as that ;) The chickens will be the icing on the cake! Thanks again, Tom
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    6. Hokum Coco
      Hokum Coco
      It is nice to be called New Egg! At my age it nice to be called new anything. I am just learning to navigate on the computer. I am not new to chickens and birds in general. My post will only reflect what I have learned from experience and what works with my particular birds in Canada (Indan name for COLD)! They may not work in your set up..
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      2. RezChamp
        Actually in the language of my grandmother "it is cold" is "kih sih naah oo" and "canata" makes referance to something being in "sacredness".
        When my grt.grt.grandfather,an archdeacon from Scotland, came through Onandaga territory "canada" was indeed "where the humans live". I'm thinking a loose English translation could be "village".
        Jul 19, 2017
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    New Brunswick,Canada
    Canadian National Railway (Yard Master) Retired
    What’s your main reason for joining our community?:
    Share my experiences and hopefully gain some knowledge.
    This is an article done by the Times and Transcript on yours truly.

    Ron MacKinnon divides his time between the boards and the birds.
    This Monton native retired from CN in 1996 after a railroad career that included coach cleaner, brakeman, yard foreman, conductor, and finally, yard master.
    Following retirement he was in the "apartment business for awhile."
    About 11 years ago he got into acting introduced to local theater by a friend, he agreed to help out with a script reading and was offered the part. Most years see him on stage withe Lutes Mountain Heritage Players, and he enjoys that experience.
    He also enjoys raising homing pigeons, a hobby he's been involved in for many years - returning with renewed enthusiasm to the pastime once his granddaughter, Kamecha, became interested.
    "My pigeons are Belgium, bloodline and they're rock doves. That's what their formal name would be, but everybody calls them pigeons - and pigeons are not native to North America. Anything you see is a feral that got away on someone"
    MacKinnon does white dove (pigeon) releases at weddings, funerals, Remembrance Day ceremonies, the Sussex Balloon festival, and more, and the (banded) birds quickly fly back to his Lutes Mountain home. He says nobody really understands why the pigeons return with such accuracy, although MacKinnon's theory is that they become "magnetized to home."They also have to be trained.
    "You've got to get them young: stresses MacKinnon, änd then you have to have a loft for them outside, with access... There is a trapping mechanism, so I can let them out and they can free fly, then they come in and trap and then they can't get back out...Right now my birds are out flying around."
    Also called carrier or messenger pigeons, these birds were used to great advantage on the front line of both world wars. MacKinnon's grandfather Arnie MacKinnon , fought in the First World War and his father Murray MacKinnon was a member of the Second world War's special forces the Devil's Bragade, and both saw pigeons used in this way. In fact, There is a Victoria Cross equivalent for animals, the Dicken Medal, that has been bestowed upon pigeons 32 times for outstanding wartime service.
    MacKinnon now has nine pigeons, down from last year's 40 because " over the the winter, raccoons got in and brought me down to four."
    Other hobbies include playing the guitar and singing, vegetable gardening, hunting and fishing.
    MacKinnon and his wife Petrechia (half of the locally famous musical Gaynor twins) have three grown children Darren, Shannon, and Tammy and two granddaughters (make it three now on came along without my permission just recently I might add.)
    Endearingly unique and enjoying every minute of it. MacKinnon once went barefoot for an entire year, during which time he observed that "salt really hurts your feet in the winter."
    When it comes to observations about life, he has three favourites "Grandmothers and grandfathers should never retire they should live to inspire; Love is a verb, not a noun;"and "we do not live in a perfect world - live for something or you are dying for nothing."


    Hope this helps.
    If you are "NOT" living for something; You are dying for "NOTHING"
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