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    Vancouver WA, looking for Silkie and/or Polish females

    After loosing the straight run lottery I am looking for around four hens/pullets to join our flock. We are willing to pay and are looking for any variety of silkie or polish including frizzles. They will be pets only and not used for breeding. We are located in Vancouver Washington.
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    Free Houdan Cockerel (Vancouver, WA)

    We have an 8-week old Houdan Cockerel, sold to us as a Polish however is a polydactyl and greatly resembles a Houdan. He is free to a good home. He began to crow today and we sadly cannot have Roosters where we live. So unfortunately this beautiful guy is needing a new home.
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    What gender is this Silkie?

    Thanks, good to know.
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    What gender is this Silkie?

    Hello, first time chicken owner here. I have some 8 week Polish and Silkies, the Silkies are about half-the size of the Polish, are they Bantams? I was also wondering if any one can tell if this one is Roo. Thanks for reading.
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