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    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte THREAD!

    I was hoping the black was better because he is very protective of the flock and is much easier to handle. The blue is very skittish. I have the 2 splash and 1 blue hen that came with them. I also have 8 young BLRW coming up, 6 of them being offspring of these guys, but none are blue. I think 4...
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    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte THREAD!

    I have 2 BLRW roosters and I would like to get it down to one. I bought these from PeakyBeaky back in December. The black one is about 11 months old and the blue is 10 months. Please give me your opinions, good and bad, in regards to type, coloring, etc.. I only got one good picture of the blue...
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    How to break broody hens

    I have 3 wyandottes that hatched out 6 chicks between them and now all three want to be mothers. I only want one to take care of the chicks so how do I get the other two to snap out of it?
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    Hens on strike

    Some days they do get a couple of hours of light added on to the day due to the inconsistent solar power system. I will try adding cayenne pepper to their feed which I heard increases production.
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    Hens on strike

    I know that hens normally slow down laying in the winter, but I am getting at the most 5 eggs per week from 12 hens. Last summer I could get 50 or 60 eggs per week. The 9 oldest are about 16 months old and I have 3 wyandottes that are 1year old (2) and six months old (1). Is this severe drop off...
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    Mites!!! Frost bite too!

    I bought some pesticide dust for poultry at tractor supply today. I hope it works! Thanks
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    Mites!!! Frost bite too!

    Do you think I could save its toes even if they are already black?
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    Mites!!! Frost bite too!

    How do you get rid of mites? If it matters the chicken were I found them is about 2 months old. Also, the tips of its toes are black, so is there anything I can do for that? It limps really bad.
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    BLRW cockeral

    I want a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte cockeral with good bloodlines. I am located in Central PA. Please PM me.
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    Possibly a Wheaton Wyandotte?

    If a straight comb rooster bred a pea comb hen, what would the chicks be? I'm asking becuase if they would be straight combed, this is definitely a Wyandotte.