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  • Only you lovely people will understand why today is a sad day... My Brabanter Lady Gaga showed me his handsome Crow today! We aren’t aloud to keep cock-a-doodles so we have to say Cock-a-bye-bye! But rest assured, he’s going back to the breeder to live a nice life and hopefully we’ll have us a new Lady Gaga! They are such pretty chirps aren’t they!!
    My Shortened intro to the BYC!!
    High chicken world!
    I live in Canada. Like everyone else I’d love help with those late night thoughts, wondering if this is a Cock-a-doodle or a cock-a-dont, sharing lovely photos, asking questions and learning as much as I can about these mini Tyrannosaurus rex. We currently have 10 chirps
    I’m badass boy mom, crazy chicken lady, peace love & nature. Come be my friend!
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