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      My seramal just died; I have no idea how. She began to lose feathers. As my roo began to favor coupling with her, her feather loss increased. Additionally, she had red areas near her cloaca and belly. Wound sprays, neosporin, and soaks in epsom salts did not help; but she did enjoy the soak. I've also treated all my birds for mites & worms & clean the coop weekly.

      When cold I kept her inside, ran heat lamps in the coop. Prior to her death, she stayed in the nesting box and made nesting sounds.

      I had an odd feeling, kept her in the house at night, hand fed her to be sure she ate, and gave her electrolyte-infused water, The day she died she did not eat much, had diarrhea, and sat in my lap, avoiding the flock.

      I left her in a nesting box, out of reach. When returned, she was on the ground, dead. If anyone has experienced such matters, it would be appreciated. write to janicew1290.
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