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    Separating Geese

    thank you to everyone for their help. much appreciated
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    Separating Geese

    i have them all separated as of today. No breeding has taken place so far. My only question was after breeding season and egg laying is over can they all be mixed back together without major issues?
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    Neighbor's Dogs Killed Entire Flock & Donkey

    Some neighbors are less mature than kids. When i was younger my family lived out in the country but the houses were side by side as if you were in a sub division. There was a neighbor 4 houses down from us who would say that our goats were making to much noise and keeping them up. The neighbor...
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    Separating Geese

    I want to incubate the first few eggs while its cold out once they begin laying but im hoping they hatch out their own goslings as well. I want them to breed amongst their own breed so im not ending up with different crosses when i go to sell goslings.
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    Separating Geese

    Im living in southern Ontario, Its still fairly cold but am wondering if i should begin separating my geese to prevent cross breading. I have Pilgrims, Embden's and 2 Africans. My plan is to let each group out by themselves in order to stretch their wings and have a bath for a part of the day...
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    humidity control in sportsman or dickey incubator

    sorry as this is an older thread but what does the set up look like with the bucket on it?
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    Looking for advice on "Fly Eliminators"

    Muscovy ducks will destroy a good fly population
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    Mixed Flock

    Right now i have a Embden hen and getting a gander as well. Ive ordered a trio of Pilgrims and am hatching some Africans lol My plan is to keep all the species in a larger grazing area together but am wondering if i will have any problems. I dont know if they will try to cross breed each other...
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    Ive noticed a lot of possums in my area this year. Ive gone after one but the last few days ive counted about 6 at various sizes down our stretch of road. Must be the Year of the Possum lol
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    Red Golden - Yellow Golden - Lady Amherst Quick Question

    I have a large pen right now with the red golden's inside i have 2 males and 5 hens with no trouble so far as the one male is a youngin. i was wondering if this is safe to do with the yellow's and Lady's once i pick up some hens for their own pens.
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    Mixing Young with Adults

    Thank You for your help. The adults have a coop with a large run that is about 10' by 25'.
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    Mixing Young with Adults

    I should also point out the adult flock consists of only 3 hens and one male if that makes a difference. Thank You
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    Mixing Young with Adults

    I hatched 12 guineas around September and they have been separated from the adults this whole time. At what age can I mix them into the adult flock? Ild also like to point out I only want to mix the hens into it and sell off the young males.
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    What is getting my birds?

    A possum was doing the exact same thing to my young muscovies, they would eat the head, most of the body leaving the feet behind
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