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    keets looks weak

    I bought 20 keets yesterday and all were healthy and running around. This morning one is hanging to itself has gunky eyes and just wants to lay around. I have separated it. What does it sound like and what should I do.
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    guiena keets has closed eyes

    Bought some keets yesterday and everything was fine woke up this morning and one keet has one eye closed and one eye is gunky. I am going to separate it what should I do about its eyes.
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    9 week old chick

    yesterday was there first day outside. the have been in my barn. in a huge brooder I built them. noticed it yesterday as soon as I put her out she acted like that
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    9 week old chick

    I have 6 barred rock chicks that are nine weeks old. one of them seem to be listless and has poop on her.i cleans it off last night but it was back this morning.all the others are find what does it sound like it could be and what can I do. she used to be fine
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    gutted hen

    I had my mom let my hens out today around 10. When I got hone at 5 I did a head count and noticed I was missing one. I found her gutted under the nesting box and whatever it was pulled her out of the nesting box. Everything else was intact but her guts were missing what does it sound like could...
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    Heat lamp alternative

    I have seen on here you can use a heating pad as an alternative to a heat lamp. If I decide to do this what setting should it be on for chicks 3-4 weeks old. Is there anything special I need to put over it and will pine shavings hurt it.
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    green discharge

    I came home yesterday afternoon and found one of my Barred rock hens sprawled out gasping for air and I noticed a lime green discharge coming from her vent any idea what this could be
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    cloudy eyes

    I have a hen that has one eye closed and one eye is cloudy. What can cause this and what can I do to help her
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    Leaving eggs in the nest

    Will leaving eggs int the nesting boxs temp a hen to go broody. i would really like some more EE but i dont have an incubator.
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    Cross Breeds

    I was wondering if anyone has crossed an EE too with barred rock or a RIR? I am trying to get some biddies from my flock and thats what I have would love to see some pics if possible
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    Broody question

    I really want to hatch out some eggs since i have a new EE Rooster but none of my hens seem to want to go broody and im not sure how to do the incubator deal. is there anyway to get a hen to go broody or will i have to buy a incubator?
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    Broody Jungle Fowl

    I have a jungle fowl that has gone broody. I have them in the pen with my standard chinkens. How many eggs do yall suppose she could sit on to have any success of hatching out? i want her to sit on my easters eggs to hatch them out.
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    Cheap Coop Idea

    I am looking for a cheap coop idea. right now i have 3 chickens in a 10x10 dog kennel and i would like to build them a small cheap coop to attach it too. anyone got any good ideas?
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    Shanking his head

    I was down at my dads today and i saw his rooster shaking his head like someone would if they had water in their ears. is that normal or could there be something wrong with him
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    Nesting Box's

    Does anyone have any ideas on some nesting box's. coop is 6x6 and just looking for some ideas on some new kind of design. mine now are just 2x2 boxs. thanks in advanc
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