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    My hens quit laying

    I put a light on them, I did add new chicks that are about 6 months old now and should be starting to lay. Thanks for telling me about ‘new’ birds. I guess I’ll just let them go about being chickens. I have a daddy rooster and his son that fight periodically. Daddy chases son more. Son has taken...
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    My hens quit laying

    My hens are through molting but haven’t started laying. Any idea why?
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    My First Hatching

    My First Hatchings These were the first chicks I have ever tried to hatch, thank goodness I had a setting hen to do the "dirty" work. I just love having chickens as they are fun to watch and my rooster "Red" is a beautiful Rhode Island red. I have a mixed flock of whatever someone had and...
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    chicken killing cat

    I had a cat raid my chicken coop, killing 7 hens and almost killing my rooster. Has anyone else had a problem like that?
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