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    Rooster suddenly wants to attack me I guess..

    My rooster was fine with me, but I just returned from a 10 day trip and now he is attacking me daily. It seems to happen when I am carrying a container in my hand. I don't understand his behavior. Any suggestion?
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    Fermenting troubles!

    Thank you!!
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    What can I spray my yard with?

    I have heard powdered sulfur drives them away from the area.
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    French copper maran hen or rooster?

    Her comb is small I say hen. Does she crow?
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    Fermenting troubles!

    What was the brand of feed you used that was easy to ferment, Please? Thank you
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    Please re-read my post.

    Please re-read my post.
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    Moldy fermented feed

    I don't use a lid for this... the purpose is the let the scratch grains Ferment. A similar process to making wine, or sauerkraut (fermented cabbage).
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    Moldy fermented feed

    I need information about why my fermenting feed is moldy after 2 days. The first 2 batches I made were great, during the summer. The chickens loved the food. The next batch, I changed the scratch grain and in 36 hours I had mold. I do know the difference. So, I used unused mason jars, washed...
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    I need information about why my fermenting feed is moldy after 2 days

    I need information about why my fermenting feed is moldy after 2 days
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    Roost and poop board design

    No suggestions for the coop. However, I made roosts out of handrails bought at Home Depot. Then I asked the local bicycle shop to save punctured inner tubes for me. I prefer the wide inner tubes. I cut the inner tubes stem out and then made one cut the length of the inner tube and wrapped the...
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    Inoculant on clover seeds

    Hello chicken experts I have just seeded my garden with crimson clover seeds. These seeds have an inoculant of clay and peat moss???. The seeds are white from the coating. Obviously the chickens will eat these seeds, so I need to know if the inoculant is toxic. I called the feed store and was...
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    Poisonous snakes and chickens.

    Are chickens instinctively aware of the dangers of snakes? My chickens were raised by me not a hen. I just read this is the time of year copperhead babies are "born". I live in northwest Georgia.
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    WInter daylight hours.

    I am a first time chicken mama. We brought ours home Easter Weekend, so I have not had them through winter yet. So in nature, the daylight hours are much shorter than the summer, so that means the chickens go longer without food and water? I realize that is how their daylight would be in nature...
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    cover the 18 x 18 inch windows on 2 sides of the coop, or not, for winter.

    Friends were teasing my husband about installing a dish for TV and a spa also. We did not considered the lights as fire hazards. He was trying to give the chickens and me, the best he could. We can use the electric to heat their water.
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