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    Sawdust as last option

    Why on earth the whole concept Thanks, Karen. Here's a video in case anyone else is curious:
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    Fermenting feed- what am I doing wrong

    Temperature was too cold - try a smaller batch on the kitchen counter, using only a pound or so of feed, and only enough water to cover by 1/2" or so. You may have to play around with the water level - some chickens like it soupy, some like it more crumbly. You can drain off excess water with a...
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    Sawdust as last option

    Are we talking litter on the floor/poop boards or nesting material? Either way, aspen shavings would do (check the rabbit aisle) or maybe pine pellets - you can wet them down with water to break them down. How much water depends on how much you want them broken down - all the way would be...
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    Is this chick feed safe to feed to my adult birds?

    My chickens love that formula of Bryant feed! I hate that I can only get it from this one store I don't like going to... I even wrote to Bryant, asked them to consider selling through Chewy's! :)
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    Additional Protein Sources For Feed

    You might look into Black Soldier Fly Larvae instead of mealworms, the trending thought is that they are more nutritious. Or if your flock doesn't like dried mealworms, they may prefer them live - and you can farm them yourself. Look into DIY feed recipes, you might come across ingredients you...
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    Bare Back Chickens

    It is important to keep an eye out the first few days, to be sure the saddle fits well, as they do come in different sizes. In my experience, the saddle only needed to be adjusted back into place a time or two. When they get dirty, just take them off & wash them. With my girl, her feathers...
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    Hen biting fingers

    I'd recommend transitioning to something similar, but safer - feed from a long-handled spoon or ladle, or a small cup. And use verbal commands for reinforcement - no, easy - withhold the treat if they don't comply, then try again. I also like to tell mine 'all gone' when the treats are, in fact...
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    What is good for chicken feather growth, and health?

    Manna Pro has a product called Poultry Conditioner that may interest you, it contains flaxseed meal and brewer's yeast.
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    Prevent chickens from pooping in their water

    Wrap some wire around it, maybe like a tomato cage, but custom fit. Doesn't have to be fancy!
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    Freezing Feed in Barn

    Come to think of it - me, too! :D
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    Favorite type of chicken

    Welsummer - medium size, pretty, smart with good personalities, terra cotta colored eggs with speckles! Also appreciate Wyandottes, Easter Eggers.
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    Blind Betty

    Did the vet mention/rule out Infectious Coryza? I'm not sure it's a match for your Betty, but it does cause certain types of facial swelling. It would require a different course of antibiotics. I agree with others that she's best on her own for now - the swelling alone could make her a target...
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    Dust bath

    Someone on another chicken forum made a dust bath out of a large, clear plastic tote; drilled holes for ventilation, cutout a doorway, left the lid on. The best medium for my birds - they can't resist plain peat moss.
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    Chickens won't use ramp to nesting boxes

    My chickens never met a ramp they liked, as chicks or adults; but they do love the staircase we built for them! In your case, a cement block could help them hop up there.
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    What causes this type of feather loss?

    Most likely, it's the rooster's doing - girls may need a saddle, rooster may need his spurs trimmed.
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