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Jul 12, 2011
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Sep 7, 2017
    1. DouglasPeeps
      Haha! It took me forever to find my bulletin board. I couldn't figure out where the message you left me was. Guess I need to spend more time on here. So glad I could help with your hatch. Can't wait until you have another broody hen. ;)
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    2 Barred Rocks, 2 White Rocks, 12 RIR, 2 Red sex links, 3 Blk sex links,2 Gold Stars, 1 Cukoo Marans, 1 Blue Andalusian, 1 Speckled Sussex,2 Brown Leghorns, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Easter Eggers, 3 Red Broilers, 1 handsome Black sex Link/Rhode Island Red Rooster,and a bunch of pretty barnyard mixes. 1 Khaki Campell, 1 Buff, 1 Cayuga,1 Rouen, 1 Welsh Harlequin and 1 Blue Sweedish duck and 3 crazy labs.

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