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    Breeding Blue-laced Red *How To*

    I got this cockerel last week. The lady who sold him to me didn't seem to know what breed he is, except that he is a bantam cochin. But someone who saw his pics thought he might be a blue laced red. I don't know, but the colors certainly do seem to be red laced on blue. What breed or mix do you...
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    What breed is this cockerel?

    In Paso Robles, California. But I don't think the person who sold me this cockerel was intentionally breeding a blue laced red. I'm guessing he's a mutt, for lack of a better word. Maybe a blue laced red by accident? Lol. I'll try to remember to post pics in a few months and when he's fully grown
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    What breed is this cockerel?

    Hi there. I just go this guy about a week ago. He is a bantam cochin. The person I bought him from said she thinks he is a red, or partridge, but I don't think either of those are fully true. He might be partially red. But since their feathers change as they mature, I wonder if he might be a...
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