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    Finally Got some Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3 SunFresh® Recipe

    Quote: I also saw it at the Tractor Supply in Opelousas. I have several $3.00 OFF coupons for this. I think I will try it. I had several coupons also and when you take the 3 bucks off its not a bad deal. I know my birds like it, i mix a bag of Omega 3 with a bag of layena and they will eat...
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    Calcium needs changing? Or is it feed changing?

    I feed Layena and have for a egg shells havnt changed and are still hard
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    Finally Got some Purina® Layena® Plus Omega-3 SunFresh® Recipe

    We got it in W/Ky around the first of Sept at the local TSC.. It was 14.49 a bag when i bought my first bag but has since went up to 15.99. I really like the pellet size. I am on my third bag now.
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    Are they refusing the pellet? or do they really eat that little?

    i noticed a huge change when i switched to pellets. My birds wasted alot when i was feeding crumbles. Like others have said, a chicken wont starve if there is food around
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    New Purina Feed

    i had my coupon for 6 wks before i could find the omega 3. My local TSC finally got it and it was $1 cheaper than regular Layena(but its a 40 lb bag) so with my coupon i only paid $11.99 for it. I really like the smaller pellets and so did my birds. At first i mixed it with Layena pellets and...
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    We have lots of hawks here and i take old cd's and hang them over our run and it has worked for several years
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    Ideas For Saving Money On Feed?

    im on the internet all the time looking for coupons. Different companies have different ones... Purina has the , rule the roost, contest and also the 6O day challenge. Have all your friends sign up for the contest
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    Just spent 16.00 on Layena pellet feed...

    If you leave it out, they will eat it. I found that by switching to pellets i had less waste. A bag of pellets last a whole day longer than a bag of crumbles. I get 5 days on crumbles and 6 on pellets.
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    Can I mix chickens and ducks?

    You can keep them together but the only problem is the water. Ducks get it everywhere. I use to keep them together but the ducks made a mess with the water and waterers. I now free range them together but keep the ducks in a run of their own.
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    Tonight was the first time I had to shoot one of my chickens.

    I love my birds and would do anything for them, but i will not put up with an over aggresive bird. If we have one it goes to freezer camp. I wont keep an animal that will attack anyone. Some ppl get flogged as children and are scared of them for the rest of their lives... As a kid (7-8) my grt...
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    GC that started laying this week is consistent!

    once my GC's started they were very consistant. they lay 6 eggs a week, an are my friendliest chickens
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    Confusion Regarding Feed

    I feed my new chicks a starter that has 2O-22% protien. I keep them on this till i start feeding layer at 16 wks. There is no need in grit until you start feeding treats like grains and veggies. When mine are 15-16 wks i start leaving oyster shell out for free choice. They will only eat it if...
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    Can you buy Feed in really large quantitys?

    I wish our local mill sold layer pellets or crumbles. All they have is a mash, but i dont like how fine it is... I do buy bulk all-stock feed and corn from them. I take 2 35 gal plastic drums to the mill and have them auger it straight into the drums. Since there isnt any bagging and shipping...
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    Electric Fence with Chickens

    Ilovemyladies! : We are getting an electric fence for our horses. Will it be okay for my chickens to be near it?? I have a wire that comes off my horse pasture and goes around the outside of our chicken run. Its about 1O inches off the ground. Ive not lost a bird to my hotwire and so far its...
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    17 week red star laid today... do I switch all of them over to layer?

    I start mine on layer when they are 16 wks old, and had any problems
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