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    Coturnix Quail Basics- Information and Pictures Galore

    I spoke with him Friday...Blew my mind with all the info he has in his head. That's neat/weird thought...I have thought blue eggs were cool for awhile now.
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    Odd eggs

    I personally just hatched a Jumbo from an egg that looked exactly like that. Had a cracked look to the shell, you really would have thought it ws about to bust healthiest most active chick came from that egg. Going back to what the OP said, in ya'lls eyes is there anything of concern...
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    incubating for other people?

    Really good points there. I do do a deep clean of the bator though, so im not to concerned about that. I certainly do not have the room nor do i want to have chicks just dumped on me. Although, I do see if i got free eggs and hatched them and then sold them.. Did you put a desclaimer on the...
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    incubating for other people?

    Have any of you every posted an ad or anything willing to hatch other eggs for people? I'm addidcted to hatching (obviously), just trying to get a littlre feed back from people. If anyone has ever done it and how much did you charge per egg? Did it actually work for you? Like as in how did you...
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    Lethargic/ non active please

    I just hatched out some Quail and out of the 11 that hatched yesterday, I woke up to one this morning just laying there and not moving much. Every so often it will kinda shake and make a noise thats not chirping..kinda like he is getting pecked but he's not. It does have a hard time holding its...
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    What artificial lighting do you use?

    I've been keeping my quail on artificial lighting so i can get eggs as soon as they reach maturity, speaking of ive been seeing breeding and foam here in the past to days so another week or so and i will be! :) anyways, i just purchased a GQF breeding pen to keep my birds in and i've been trying...
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    Anyoe ever ordered from GQF directly?

    I just ordered some breeding pens from them for quail and im just wondering how long it takes for them to process and ship orders? Website is pretty vague..
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    Hi I'm Kyle, and I relapsed...

    Use to hatch chicken and quail all the time, joined the military took a break and here I am house lol. Ordered 12+ for a nieces Ag. Project, set 12, 2 early quitters, 1 infertile, and one just never hatched so 9 went in for lockdown and hatched there I was ordered 24+ 4 days...
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    Quail week by week?

    Thanks for that! I've been trying to judge the age of my little buggies and I'm just not real sure anymore lol.
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    Quail week by week?

    Has anyone ever posted a week by week quail growth? I've searched and searched and haven't been able to find any info. I just received some quail a week ago and trying to guess the age is a little rusty lol. I'd just like to see the growth from hatched to full grown? Anybody help?
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    Incubating methods, really need feedback please!

    I use to run an old LG bator and just a teen and kinda just tapped the eggs and humidity was just kinda there and i did awesome. However, that was long aho I can't remember and I am now in a different area of the US. I bought a new bator Farm Innovator with a turner and circulated air (i know, i...
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    New to using an egg Turner, help please.

    I just got back started with this website and bought a new incubator as well. First time using an egg turner and i just set it up to test and all and i noticed the egg turner generates a lot fo heat by itsself...I plugged it in outside just to see it works. My question is when you take it out...
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    Any generious Cortunix owners?

    Hey folks, Long time member just been out of the game for a long time. So hello to all! Just a wild goose chase here but my question is...My niece is taking an Agriculture class in high school now and was wondering if I could help her out with a little extra credit, being that I used to...
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    North Carolina

    Hey folks, I'm from SC but I'm stationed up here in NC. Cherry Point/havelock/new bern area. Craigslist is dry up here! I can't find chickens to save my life. My wife is wanting 3-4 for the backyard. Perfect for the moto of this website. Long time member recently back at it. Thanks for any...
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