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    HELP! Sudden death!

    If any start to display symptoms, quarantine and clean/disinfect that coop. It could have just been a seizure, has she had issues previously?
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    Limping Pullet

    Iit is probably internal you should wait and see if symptoms progress, it could just be a strain.
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    Sick turkey poult, clicking sound, swelling cheeks, shaking head, scissor beak. Help?!

    His defect may leave him susceptible to certain respiratory Illnesses, I am glad that he has a good caretaker. I knew a chicken who displayed similar symptoms, and although he did not reach his projected size, he lived a long healthy life. Also, he is adorable!
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    Bubba needs help

    Definitely use vetricine, my roo got a piece of his comb torn, and while it took a month or so to heal, it recovered well although the end of his comb has a funny shape.
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    Sick turkey poult, clicking sound, swelling cheeks, shaking head, scissor beak. Help?!

    It sounds like he has some sort of birth defect or bone growth issue, it does not sound like some kind of disease or injury. The breathing issue is most likely related to the neck spasms. I’m glad to know that he deals well though. I don’t know if you will be able to do anything except try to...
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    Broody Hen Won't Walk/Can't Stand Up

    She sounds weak, it could just be the heat and the fact that she has lost weight to broodiness...but I would keep her in a cool place with access to fattening, energy rich foods (hard boiled egg yolk, oatmeal, crushed almonds, etc.) and plenty of cold clean water. Also, you could humor her with...
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    BYC Comb Contest 2019 - Single

    I forgot to mention that he is two years old
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    Injured chicken

    Make sure she stays warm and hydrated, if you need to, use a syringe to squirt water down her throat make sure she has plenty of affection and if she has no internal injuries she should recover mentally.
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    Can chickens be depressed?

    Feed her treats and keep her in a nice warm box-if she is willing to be contained-one of our hens was attacked by a hawk and came out with minor scrapes and she displayed the same symptoms that you described. A few days and and a carton of oats with yogurt and she was as good as new. Definitely...
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    BYC Comb Contest 2019 - Single

    My feather child’s name is Houdini and he is a Maran+Buff rooster afraid of his own shadow.
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    Hens head color not looking correct

    The combs are a big indicator of a chicken's circulatory health. If it is cold, it will also pale. What happened to the last hen like that?
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    6 Week Old Silkie With Swollen Foot

    Our roo had a serious case and it led to a bloody surgery and a long recovery period. He still limps and some mornings he can't make it down the ramp.
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    6 Week Old Silkie With Swollen Foot

    That looks like bumblefoot. When chickens get an infection, Their immune system surrounds it with white blood cells which dry out and create a "bumble". They have to be removed if they get too big. I do suggest Epsom salt baths and if you can, try to flush out the area.
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