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  • bought a rainbow package of baby chicks. trying to fiqure out who is who and sex of them. some are feather footed and some are not. they were hatched on 10/2 and 9/29


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    It's too early to sex them. But, if you want to know breeds, please start a thread and post clear, full body pictures of each individual chick in natural lighting. It would also help to include the possible breeds included in the Rainbow package, just to help narrow it down a little.
    My ladies are doing great. My herd has expanded into a turkey town. My neighbors just love them, greatest bug getters ever they say. lol
    I have one that refuses to stay home when going broody. She laid her eggs next door, when they hatched out she brought home 9 baby
    turkey pullets and one chicken right back home behind her. Out growing our little world.!!
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