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    Dog attacked my chickens! Two dead, one injured - how do I treat her?

    Thank you so much, everyone! A neighbor sent over her husband who took care of the job for us. We now have our 3 dead hens in a cooler under our big pine tree, waiting for Saturday when we can get a hole dug.
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    Dog attacked my chickens! Two dead, one injured - how do I treat her?

    Thank you everyone - you have been very helpful! The injured chicken I asked about earlier is doing much better, and is even back in the coop with the rest of her flock. But now I have another question... On the day of the attack, one of the chickens had gone missing. Another Speckled Sussex...
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    Dog attacked my chickens! Two dead, one injured - how do I treat her?

    also, it is currently 52 degrees, and projected to drop to 35 during the night. We are in northern Utah.
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    Dog attacked my chickens! Two dead, one injured - how do I treat her?

    Two big huskies got in our yard and attacked our chickens, killing two and injuring one. The injured one (a Speckled Sussex) has at least 3 puncture wounds on her breast. They are not actively bleeding, and she is calmly sitting on a paper towel on our couch while my daughter gets ready to...
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    Surprise egg in nesting box...

    My husband found this egg in the nesting box today: I do not have gigantic hands - that egg is barely an inch at the longest dimension. I have the following chickens: 3 White Rocks 1 Blue Copper Maran 2 Speckled Sussex 1 Egyptian Fayoumi 1 Barred Rock 1 Buff Brahma 1 Cuckoo Maran 1 Exchequer...
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    Chicken as Emotional Support Animal?

    :goodpost: This, exactly.
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    Wire Size Question

    Chicken wire is very easily pulled apart/torn by raccoons. All it is good for is keeping chickens in. Hardware cloth (1/2") is better.
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    Chickens Escape

    If they can squeeze out, then you need to secure the entrance better. Also, if you don't want to clip their wings, then you'll need to cover the run. 5 1/2 feet is not a problem for many chickens to fly over.
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    Chickens Escape

    How high is "pretty high"? Chickens can sometimes fly several feet. And are there any other openings, either in the fence, or the coop? Look around, both at ground level and above, for any spots they might have pushed through.
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    New coop run - currently yard grass - what should we do ?

    It's a nice looking coop, and I'm sure it seems quite roomy to you. However, 42x42 is just over 12sf, and the three sections of run, at 36x32 each, total 24sf. Chickens need a minimum of 4sf in the coop, plus 10sf in the run, per chicken. As is, your setup is barely adequate for three chickens...
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    What happened here⁉️⁉️

    I'm sorry you're having difficulties with your hens. However, may I ask you to please not use the R word? If it is possible to edit your post to remove it, that would be fantastic! In case you weren't aware, the R word is very offensive - even when referring to chickens. It simply has far too...
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    Unknown breed...

    They are 15 weeks today.
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    Unknown breed...

    OK, if that one is a BR, what is this one? I assumed it was a BR. Also, is it a rooster?
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    Unknown breed...

    I'm pretty sure I've figured out the rest of my chickens, but this one has me stumped. Who can tell me the breed? It is 15 weeks old today, and I'm pretty sure it's a hen - could be wrong on the gender, though.
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    Monroe, CT ... u need to attend this!!!!

    That is insane! A zoning permit for a veggie garden?
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