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Crowing, Female, from Southern Maine

Update on available birds: Aug 15, 2017

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Jul 17, 2018 at 4:54 PM
    1. Chickgirl5
      What type of call ducks do you have available and what is the pricing? I am in Ohio.
    2. Shannonw1228
      Hi, I was interested in the Ancona eggs. Would August be to late to hatch if fall can get pretty cold? Sorry to ask I'm new to ducks. I'm In Michigan
      1. Shannonw1228
        I'm Waiting on chickens so I can build up my Anconas. [email protected] is my email if you want to send me prices and shipping and how many you can do. Thanks!!
        Jul 11, 2018
      2. learycow
        Feel free to message me
        Jul 17, 2018 at 4:20 PM
    3. Pyxis
      Hi! Someone asked me a question today and I figured you'd be the person who would know :) If you breed a silkie duck to a regular duck (the cross in this case being silkie x Call), would any of the offspring have silkied feathers?
      1. learycow
        No. But the offspring should all be silkie carriers
        May 31, 2018
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    4. carousel
      Hi - was writing on the thread looking for ducks, in PNW
      I would love to see pictures, I'm interested in your project pen! you can email me carouselmal @ gmail dot com
      1. learycow
        Hi, I have lots of pictures on my website and facebook page. Feel free to contact me through there. I have some project babies that just hatched and will be ready to ship next week
        May 26, 2018
    5. littlecollier
      Hello! I emailed you regarding Ancona ducklings for shipment to Oregon. Look forward to hearing from you!
    6. gordNH
      Hello! Saw that you breed and ship silkies from Maine, I’m in NH would love to talk about getting some chicks
      1. learycow
        Hi! Right now I have some juveniles and a couple chicks available. More chicks due to hatch next week
        Apr 18, 2018
    7. Duck Lover88
      Duck Lover88
      Love your avatar!! so cute!
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      2. learycow
        Thank you!
        Mar 20, 2018
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    8. mymilliefleur
      They're local pickup only, I'm not NPIP, so I can't ship out of state. :-( I wish you were closer!
    9. Abriana
      Hi! I’m looking for calls, a trio of females, as ducklings, preferably, or very young, as I want to bond with them from the beginning. How much would that be? Do you sell them sexed? If not what are the chances of getting males in a trio?
      1. Abriana
        I actually decided to try saxony ducks but if I ever decide to get calls i’d love to buy from you!
        Jan 19, 2018
      2. learycow
        Babies are local pick up only. But I do ship once they are 5 weeks old. Usually unsexed, I don't sex and sell females only
        Feb 4, 2018
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    10. Ellagance
      Hi, do you have any Ancona ducks or ducklings available?
      1. learycow
        Not at this time. But I am taking orders and deposits for this years babies!
        Feb 4, 2018
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  • About

    Small waterfowl breeder in Southern Maine. I ship eggs, ducklings, juvies and adults to most US states. NPIP certified.
    Ancona ducks (black, blue, chocolate, silver, lilac and lavender)
    Muscovy ducks (focus on barred, ripple and looney in many colors)
    Call ducks (focus on ancona, magpie, and pied patterns in black, blue, chocolate, silver, and lilac. Also breed silvers and lavenders)
    Silkie ducks (many colors, working on these in pied patterns also)
    Sebastopol geese (splash, grey, saddleback, blue splash, buff, lilac and lavender)
    Mini Sebastopol geese (saddleback, grey, white, blue, blue pied and blue splash)

    Also have a small flock of silkies, sizzles, and showgirls in black, paint, blue, splash, cuckoo, blue cuckoo, porcelain, grey and blue partridge


    NPIP CERTIFIED! Al's Quackery is a small waterfowl farm in Southern Maine. I raise ducks, ducklings, geese, goslings and sell hatching eggs.
    Ducks: Anconas (Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lavender, Lilac and Silver), Muscovy (barred in black, blue, chocolate and combo, ripples in dark, chocolate, and blue shades, lavenders, and looneys in blue, black, chocolate and lilac)
    Call Ducks: pied / magpie calls (black, chocolate, lilac, silver and blue)
    Silkie Ducks: Pastel, blue fawn, black, black pied, and blue pied
    Geese: Sebastopol geese, and Mini Sebastopols.

    http://alsquackery.weebly.com/ UPDATED with current for sale birds and hatching eggs!
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