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    New in Surprise AZ

    Welcome to BYC from another desert dweller in AZ!
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    New n excited

    Welcome from Arizona!
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    Arizona Chickens

    I always just give any cracked eggs to my cats, just to be safe. My cats love them and I have plenty of uncracked eggs for the rest of us.
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    September--BEAD SWAP--Calling all JEWELRY MAKERS!

    I would like to do the Oct. swap:)
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    Arizona Chickens

    New identity= new enough
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    howdy from Arizona

    Howdy back at ya!
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    Greetings from New Member in Nova Scotia, Canada

    Welcome from Arizona! you will love it here!
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    Hi from Norcal

    Welcome! I am afraid that there is no cure for chicken math here.
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    Hello from Berkshire, England.

    Welcome from sunny Arizona!
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    New Member in Ramona Ca

    Welcome! It's always nice to see new peeps.
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    Greetings! A chick with chicks from Cushing, OK

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you joined us!
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    New Chicken Owner in AZ or how I fell in love with chickens

    Welcome from Tucson! There is NO way that you are going to bore anyone here.
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    Arizona Chickens

    Kimmybee & Teresa2010, Welcome to the merry world of melodious, multicolored, mischievous, modern chickens!
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    New Member from Idaho

    Welcome from Arizona! I am sure there are several people from your neck of the woods. Check "Where am I, Where are You?", or is it "Where are you, Where am I?"?
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    new in Nelsonville WI

    Welcome to the forum, Bald bellies and all:lol:
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