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    Hi my name is Jennifer, wife to hubby Ron, mother of three daughters (two of which are teenagers) named Faith, Grace, and Hanah. We have a variety of hatchery and stock yard hens and turkeys. Hubby and I live on two acres and own 12 acres of undeveloped land in the back of our neighborhood for...
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    respiratory thing and a MASSIVE eye swelling

    Just some info. I found this site while surfing the net. It has some very good info, and a way to mark off on the different symptoms that anyone might have involving poultry diseases. Kind of narrows things down.
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    'Tis The Season' Who likes fried green tomatoes?

    For the ones whos gardens aren't bearing green maters yet, look around for polk weed, it tastes the same, and fried the same way. Use the stalk. We peel the purple off the stalk, it's kinda slimmy like okra, then cut it up and fry it.
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    The Never-ending Raccoon thread. (BOBCAT CONFIRMED PAGE 15)

    Hope you get the other raccoon! We trapped four nights in a row and got four coons, skipped a night and then got a possum (all in the chicken run). Haven't caught anything since, just because a neighbor is borrowing our trap (something is getting their chickens too). The neighbor has caught 3...
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    The Never-ending Raccoon thread. (BOBCAT CONFIRMED PAGE 15)

    Could you move the pot out some, and prop the back of the cage on something the same height as the pot, and the front of the trap in the pot? And maybe a tarp or something over the whole thing. Just an idea... Good luck bandit hunting!
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    Little bird about to drive me insane!!! HELP!!!!!!!!

    Looks like a type of wren to me, good luck.
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    Southern 101---Explanation of all things Southern

    Weeel, naw, I have no ider wut ya'll are talkin bout, accents?! Lol The best things to look forward to in the spring and summer are fried green maters, huntin polk weed and morals!! And, yes, I keep a jar of bacon grease at hand as we eat tons of greens, collard, turnip, kale, whatever we can...
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    list of vets

    I want to add a vet! He and his wife (both vets) have seen a broken leg chick of ours in the past and have called over the phone and picked up Baytril from them. They are very understanding of treating chickens as they have LOTS themselves. THANKS! Bullitt County Veterinary Center (Dr...
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    Marans Thread for Posting Pics of Your Eggs, Chicks and Chickens

    Thanks drom! Long time no talk to I remember you helping me try and figure out the BCM chicks sexs. Turns out, I believe you were right! 1 roo and 3 pullets. Gosh, I'll have to go back millions of posts now and look at rooroo again as a baby and make sure. The good ole days! Lol I only...
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    Marans Thread for Posting Pics of Your Eggs, Chicks and Chickens

    Thank you! He's just started to get real interested in the girls (who take off running for their lives)! Lol He still needs to perfect his crow too, as it's still a little high pitched. He's so sweet, not like roosters we've had in the past. Thanks for commenting
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    Marans Thread for Posting Pics of Your Eggs, Chicks and Chickens

    Here's an updated pic of our BCM "Rooroo", he's about 4 1/2 months old now. We think he's turning out purdy. Lol He has oatmeal on his back (thanks to 2yr old DD)
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    Scary Weather

    Goodness gracious! How terrifing! Imp wrote: Imp-We have killer drizzle, Does that count. Ummm, NOPE!! Unless you mean softball size hail or acid rain?? Lol
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    Same story, different critter lol

    will hunt for food wrote: Let's start with the rat. I would post WHAT'S LEFT, but hubby dispatched it (with the only ammo he had at the time- whatever is used on deer-I didn't think to ask him what kind of ammo he used) since he had no extra time because he had to come home and get started on...
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    Chicken Murder... I didn't think it would happen to me.

    Sorry for the loss of your PETS! As far as a fence, that's great IF you can afford one at the moment. Otherwise, it's not like your chickens were in the neighbors yard looking for a fight. A dog attack happened to us, (the dog is no more) lost more than three quarters of our flock, and we...
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