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    Dealing with Loss of 1st Chicken

    So sorry for your loss. I am a relatively new chicken mama here but now that I have had them for awhile, they have become a part of my family. When I say, what if one died to a friend or family member, they joke and say, oh chicken dinner and that makes me so mad. I can't even imagine it. My...
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    Can a dog and chickens safely coexist in a small backyard?

    So I have 6 chickens and created a large run on the side of the house for them. I would absolutely love to let them free range and I feel bad when they are standing by the fence looking at me like hey, that looks cool, let me out lol. Unfortunately, I have 2 dogs and they both look like they...
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    Help! Baby chick Respiratory Illness or Neurological? Video

    When I brought my chicks home from the feed store, one of them was open beak breathing, very lethargic, and sneezing. I thought we were going to lose her but now she is almost 14 weeks and one of my biggest hens! The rest of the chicks all were sneezing too after awhile. I changed the bedding...
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    Raising Chicks

    I wanted to add, as far as adult chickens (mine are about 12-14 weeks now), they are suprisingly easy to take care of. I got an auto door for the coop, so they let themselves in and out. I got a treadle feeder, so I only have to check on the feed about once a week and refill as needed. I also...
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    Raising Chicks

    So I am relatively new myself. I started with a permit, max is 6 for my area. I got 6 and set up a brooder in my garage. I found a large dog crate and took it apart and then attached them both together with some duct tape. I put some chicken wire on the top. I used a heating plate (you can find...
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    Vacation- leave coop door open at night?!

    I have a closed run with a roof over it. I have the coop inside and I invested in an auto door so if we go away for the weekend, they are in the enclosed run with the enclosed coop inside the run at night. The auto door opens at 6:30 and closes at 7:00 pm every night. I don't leave the door...
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