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    Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN lets play

    So you don't own the parents?
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    FIFTEEN French Black Copper Marans day-old chicks SHIP DATE 7-5

    The post office won't be open on the 4th of July.
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    Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN lets play

    Current offer Quote: MINE on the SS (july 5th) Offer 6+ YOUR CHOICE OR COMBO OF: WL, BO, BR, RIR, EE
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    Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN lets play

    Quote: yes
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    July Mystery Egg Swap . . Shipping Deadline is TODAY!!

    My rule for any pet here is that they are not welcome if the odds are they will eat me. That's not how I define "pet" lol
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    Online CRAZY EGG CHAIN lets play

    I guess I don't see what the big deal or confusion is about. The rule is that you have to be 19 or older, which Edmonds' is not. So his trade/offer should not be allowed, nor any claims or offers after his. Sorry, not rocket science here. Further, should he or anyone else not like that rule...
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    Looking for BLRW hatching eggs

    Check with DuraMax. Excellent fertility, packing, and beautiful birds. I am very happy with the eggs/chicks I got
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    need coronation sussex rooster

    There's on from GreenFire on Indianapolis' craigslist for $10 I think
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    Blue Eggs

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    Looking For a White Leghorn or Auracauna Rooster 2-3 months old

    I have many White Leghorn roosters around 2-3 months old. And they can hitch a ride to Lima OH in a few weeks.
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    48+ White Leghorn eggs

    48+ White Leghorn eggs, shipping included. Excellent fertility here.
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    $25/$50/$75 Bargain BIN

    48+ White Leghorn eggs, shipping included $50
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    Large Fowl only crazy egg chain

    Wow, I think we have a new one wants Maran eggs?!
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