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    Growing Experiment

    Started this indoors under a florescent T12 fixture, one bulb regular, one bulb grow light. Hydroponics people don't think they get big enough unless under T5 fixture. Think they are about three weeks now, lettuce. Showed some sign of deficency as I was using wrong solution to feed them...
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    My View On Preditors

    Preditors: Since this is my page I am choosing to stat my firm belief on these issues without putting it into a forum and going against the "rules" here at BYC. It should be noted that I love BYC and have found it a valuable resource. SHOOT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER...definately not the...
  3. Coop Coming

    Coop Coming

    Soon we will be starting coop, boyfriends house so he's deciding what it will look like which is fine for me....he said he has some ideas of one that actually looks like a garden room. I showed some pictures and he based it off of that one. Ill have to find where I found it on the internet and...
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    Lovelychickens Page

    <----this big now A little about me. I have three kids, homeschool two of them for the time. Live in a small city wishing I was in the far off dream, maybe it will come true (hope.) I have two dogs, pekingnese and lab mix and a old mean cat. Now have four baby chicks and...
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    Hardware wire underneath the entire run/coop, too?

    i did put wire on the full bottom of the run. i covered it with lots of dirt but eventually it will be rocks and sand. no problems with it and it has kept out a rat that keeps trying to get in. havnt got a trap for the rat yet. anywho, it works, we skirted it out beyond the run about a few...
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    Construction sand question - it looks like sugar!

    Umm, why not playsand? I have it in the coop and its great.
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    EE pullet, cock? 8 weeks old now. more pics

    That is one pretty roo you got there! I got more pics of the body up but not the comb, the other one was hiding in the coop. So, do you still think they are pullets or no?
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    Backyard Chickens: Setting the Record Straight

    Wish I knew where I read about a rooster that attacked the wife on the neck putting the spurs into her and going to er with rooster dead (by husband) still attached. But you definately wouldn't want to take this story into the town meeting trying to get chickens legalized.
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    EE pullet, cock? 8 weeks old now. more pics

    HELP ME, HELP ME........everyone here keeps asking and I keep telling, IDK. PLUS rooster can't stay, boo-hoo. Darn it- supposed to be all pullets!
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    helping u, cutting welded wire

    Ill have to check tomarrow but boyfriend says it will cut any metal. Hes right, I cut thick metal piping the other day with it, went threw like a charm. As far as that plier type thing, never tried that particular one, though I tried many. I don't have a mans working hand though (no...
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    maybe a good posting would be examples of racoons that have gotten in, i.e. the cage/area ripped off/open latch/that sort of thing---------pictures-------so others can actually see where they are getting threw, the weak spots they find...........IMO 90% of people posting here already know what...
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    helping u, cutting welded wire

    just thought id make this quick for those who are doing the coops and killing your hands with those pliers plus wasting all that precious time................there is this thing my boyfriend brought over and i can cut threw eight feet of it in a matter of a minute or less with less sharp edges...
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    Coops and run done chicks are moved in!

    Wow, lots of work and great job. Saw the owl, hes just waiting hah? Like it.
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    EE pullet, cock? 8 weeks old now. more pics

    and yes they are on my couch, notice the tolete paper, actually they only landed one. how in the heck do people make their pictures bigger?
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    EE pullet, cock? 8 weeks old now. more pics

    last one is actually smaller than the first. the first is the one i meant to say that is the friendliest. the last is the one that seems to not like being held/hates camera/its comb is different than the first, thinner, not fat, its not really red red...well, heck, i have no clue then...
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