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    2nd Egg Yesterday

    One of our hens laid a 2nd egg yesterday in the upper nesting box. I might get a critter cam and attach it to the wire fence in order to tell which chicken is doing the laying. We ate the only 2 eggs today and they were awesomely good; firm white and up standing yoke... I enjoy taking care...
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    Hello from Rochester Washington

    Hi everyone....I appreciate your welcomes and all the neat information. I will do as suggested and up their protein take, get the worming underway, try to give them additional interests:.I have been adding small quantities of green lettuce and cabbage to their diet each day. I have a portable...
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    Hello from Rochester Washington

    Hi, I am Linda and I am new to this forum..My hubby and I acquired 4 Silver Lace Wyndotte hens 6 weeks ago. There are 2 dominate and 2 submissive hens. The major domo (I call her Princess Lea) has been plucking feathers from the lesser 2 and eating the feathers. Is this normal behavior for...
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